The SPEAR saves the day again!


Most of you do not know that I am a part-time faculty in the psychology department at our local community college. Anyway, last night at class we were discussing a fairly emotional topic and people were pretty charged with passion as they talked. Anyway, out of the blue, one of the students confronted another. The confronter was sitting behind the confrontee diagonally about 6-7 feet. The confrontee spins around in their chair and reacts with a "What the f*** is your problem?" The confronter says something that I don't remember and then the confrontee replies, "You want some, your gonna get some!" And in a split second, starts to get out of the chair, begins clenching their right fist and it looks like it's on (These are adults mind you). I was sitting on the ledge of a desk approximately three feet away from the confrontee and before I even realized it, I (what seemed at almost a casually slow pace) walked over to the confrontee and did what seemed like a feather soft half SPEAR in the middle of my stride. I don't even know if I actually even touched the student, but they fell back into the chair and I told the confronter to relax, and then I started to go back to teaching the lesson.....then everyone is looking at me dumbstruck, and then it sinks in....holy shit, we almost had a fight in a psych class! We debriefed the situation, resolved the conflict and the rest of the class went on without a hitch. All I can say is that the countless bmf's, lard's, cqf's and drills in the context of coach's emotional and psychological concepts provided a totally seamless approach to my self-protection and the protection of others in a foundation of moral and ethical responsibility. All I know that if I would have only relied on all of the traditional training that I have had, someone would have been hurt and I wouldn't have handled the situation like it could have been.

Thanks coach and thanks team!



Phenomenal! I'm really proud of you! You've 'embraced' the system, not just the tactic and won all three fights!

Well done!


:-) NIce work TIm.