The Spectre - Corrigan Or Jordan?

If you were given the power of the Spectre, would you use it more like Jim Corrigan, or Hal Jordan?

(For those who don't read comics: The Spectre represents the wrath of God. It bonds with a human, and that person then has to see that justice is done. For Corrigan, that usually involved subjecting criminals to brutal deaths. For Jordan, that involved being a bleeding-heart liberal, who tried to bring peace and happiness etc.)

I think if it were my, and I am just being honest, I would end up being the wrathful type who wipes out cities for thier immorality and uses it as an example for people to behave or something.

Its a good thing God is in charge of his wrath and not me. I should say I would be the bleeding heart make everyone happy and see the truth in everything, but if we are talking about the wrath of God, I think righteous indignation would overpower my want to change thier hearts.

Again, its a good thing Im not God.

and how exactly would the wrath of God get you chicks? I want to hear how you would use that in a pickup line. ;)

"Hey, baby...Wanna feel my wrath?"