The Spirit of OSU

How far does the spirit of OSU transend in your everyday life?

Is it left in the Dojo or do you keep it with you throughout the day?


Brandon Packman

Ohio State?


what the hell is OSU?

To me, Woody Hayes will always embody the spirit of OSU for better or worse.

That' s what I' m talking about.


What is OSU? Is it more of a Judo term or generally used in Japanese dojos?

Didn't mean to post that twice. My PC is spazzing.

Oklahoma State University, IMO

LOL. I think the "OSU" that bluenose is referring to is "Osu", a Japanese term meaning "Push" or "Always keep pushing". It is used as a greeting, a general phlosophy (like to always push yourself further), and sometimes as a kiai in Kyokshin and some of its offshoots.

Golden Arm


Osu is a japanese term with several meanings.
Most japanese think of OSU as a japanese version of "yo". A slang greeting.
This version of osu derrives from a combination of "Ohayo Gozaimasu" =good morning, originaly used in the japanese and army where the full greeting would take too much time (remember that greeting your seniors is very important in japanese culture) and is still used in sport clubs, gangs, and other places with a "macho" atmosphere.

The other version of osu, used in kyokushin, is a abbrivation of "Oshi Shinobu" Oshi=pressure Shinobu=persevere/endure.
This version of the word has a deeper meaning and signifies to strive on and never give up. This is probalby the version that the original poster asked about.
Kyokushins motto is Osu no seishin. or "the will to endure under pressure".

Another origin of the word osu is as a abbrivation of "Onegai shimasu" =I request/please (a polite way to ask for something.

All version of Osu are used as hi, yes, affirmative and so on.

The truth is that although the first "good morning" version is the most widely spread meaning of osu in japan. All 3 (and possibly others aswell) are valid meanings.
But if you say it in the wrong place in japan it will come out as dissrespectful slag.