The Spotted Lanternfly

Been seeing these around the property lately.

Never seen em before, so I looked em up.

Apparently they’re an invasive species from CHY-NA.

Anyone else seeing em around?


I’m in State College. We get daily warnings about how dangerous they are. I respect all life on Earth, but it appears this species does not.


The next Gypsy Moth?

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The Chinese?


Dangerous to the ecosystem, I assume?

Lol. Good one. I meant the lantern fly. But you win the best response of the day. I can attest to questionable driving practices by many international students here.


Yes. Very bad for the ecosystem. I’ve seen a few. My one dog has decided to snatch them out of the air. So maybe I’m doing my part?

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Definitely an issue in the Philly suburbs. Doesn’t seem as bad as the prior couple of years though.

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Alto’s next damascus pattern!


Kill every single one.

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Killed one of em. Tried to grab one by its wings like a cicada, but that wasn’t happening. They’re fast little fuckers.

What’s the best way to get em?

I use a salt gun and spray bottle with alcohol in my yard. Gotta get rid of the eggs too, if you see them on any trees

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10-4. I’ll kill any that I see.

Well, I mean… I may keep one captive for a bit. I am a weirdo after all.