The Spurs are DONE!!!

GAME OVER!!! Oh it's true. It's damn true.

No one will beat them in a 7 games series this year

but the Spurs will never be considered an all time great team that is for sure but it will make Duncan considered as even a greater player for winning championships with them

"No one will beat them in a 7 games series this year"

What makes you so sure?

SJ, lets make a playoff bet. Not now though. heh

"What makes you so sure?"

I believe Duncan answers it all but I will admit it will be tougher for them without the home cout advantage

Yougottawanna, hell I could be wrong, its not like I would be shocked if they lose in the playoff to the lakers or Sacramento

"SJ, lets make a playoff bet. Not now though. heh"

Floppy, let me know

LOL, I knew Brian would come by and suck off the Spurs

Brian, here's a fork, there's the Spurs, do them a favor. :)


"Well, you are sucking off the Spurs too if you really believe that they are invincible in 7 game series. LOL my friend."

you really should try and read a whole thread before popping off, that way you wont sound so retarded and fooling and put things in your post that were never mentioned



KILLA!!! :)

Brian, I didn't bash you or them last year, cause you didn't suck last year. ;)

Spurs will have their work cut out not easy their first time and this time it will be even harder.

i love my mavs, but the spurs will get it done this year

no it won't be easy, but they're the only team in the league that could beat the lakers in the playoffs this year and they will do it

Dream On..


Red!!! who the F made u red!!..I demand a revote!..Go Lakers!!