The Staten Island Ferry Crash of 2003 Had A Captain on Rx Meds, PPL Died

I had never even heard of this. Just 2 yrs after the 9/11 Clown.

It was on a show on The Smithsonian Channel, a good watch.

They said the captain lied on a form that asks if you are using meds.

Was taking Rx meds, blacked out, and crashed right into it, full steam ahead.

Fucker killed 11-13 ppl, only got 18 months.

Wow, this thread went down, faster than a sinking ship.

I remember when this happened. Awful.

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I don’t remember this but that’s crazy. Was the captain also drinking?

Pills are no joke, ask Tiger!

Right, im in the TX/Oklahoma area, and never even heard of this either.

I believe the Bladesmith is a NY’er, so makes sense he would know of it.

They didn’t say he was drinking, but after the ppl were rescued he immedietely fled. No one could talk to him as to why that happened.

They said he “Shot himself w a BB gun, and slit his wrists”

Was a suicide attempt.

never heard of anyone ever trying to suicide w a BB gun, lol.

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Robin Williams Suicide GIF

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“Suiciding with a BB gun, is no laughing matter”.

When I was young we’d put on some jeans and safety glasses and then shoot each other with bb guns… probably why I eventually found this forum lol. It would rarely break the skin if you took one in an unprotected spot… what an idiot.