The Steven Seagal and Anderson Silva

 So what was the bow that anderson gave to Seagal right before his right.  I don't think I have seen something like that before. (Although possibly somethign like that to Helio...)

It seems really quite random.  Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

Plus a gif would be cool too!

It was for his long time service as an officer of the law.

 He shouldn't have bowed so low. Seagal is a fat old kook, Silva is a legitimate fighter.

 I think Segal has earned a small amount of respect.



dana will sign the aikido master now...joking

All joking aside, I think Anderson has accomplished so much as a FIGHTER that he now wants to explore the more esoteric side of martial arts. Like, he wants to become a "true master" or something. And I can respect that. It's just wierd that he is going to Seagal, who is a joke, for something like that.

Already In Use - Did AS use any aikido?

yeah dude he used Aikido technique to block Chael's punches..with his FACE


Silva w/Seagal was about 2 minutes away from being an epic failure before he locked on the triangle.