The stock market today


OKTA 53.50

FSLY 8.16

Jesus ATT stock is the same price as it was in 1993.



The Fed put isnt there anymore and shouldnt be.

Everyone should watch this video byt skip to 11 minutes in for the important part.

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Well, we did get a little baby bounce. We’ll see if it holds up. Good luck, everyone.


Today was a good day to sell off some puts and buy some shares of XLE and XOP.

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I love this rollercoaster ride.

I dont need them to decide when to payout distributions. I would rather just setup my own algorithmic dividend payment plan.

Because most of the financial bean counters are just idiots anyway.

I have coded an indicator that will work for trading stocks with long only positions in a bear market.

It works because it uses irregular lot size ratios for the buy and sell orders based upon the sloping gradient of the downtrend.

It waits for the excess returns drop or excess returns rally to conclude into consolidation and then backward integrates under the trade signal area that was generated - its all just trapezoids- to set the lot size of the order and it then discounts the value of the trade size at the consolidated order price.

It can trade any stock or ETF out there.

Please post your long positions, so I can get on the other side and make even more money.

Bullsoncrack = best counter indicator

You are an idiot. It doesnt matter what stock it is…It only matters how you trade it.

We can do a contest and officially keep track of it if you would like…Go ahead ahead and pick a stock. Lets see who trades it better after 3 months.

No biatch. You pick a stock first. You are my counter indicator.

Ok…Lets do LPX and post trades on it against a 100k account and see who does better by the end of the year.

Whats the rules? Are we going to allow short positions against the cash account?

We going to need a volunteer accountant.

I’m not shorting LPX, if you’re long LPX. Not right now. The tea leaves have spoken… LPX is overdue for a rebound.

You told me to pick…Pick something else that has over a 1 million volume and optionable and I will out trade you on that one instead.

Scroll up this thread, retard. I recently entered/added to some positions.

This is a challenge for an official trading contest. Lets do META. I think you went into that one.

@Iamhe can enter this contest too and you guys can collude and come up with two different strategies to increase the odds against me.

Yeah…thought so.

Youre just getting whipsawed all around in these markets with your basic market timing techniques, bro.

can somebody look at Evolution Games and let me know if worth buying?