The stock market today

Is there a benefit to having the two or could you consolidate?

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Ernst is much more International in it’s usefulness.

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Is that good!?

not really

Bought Carvana a few days ago and now just sold it. Unbelievable.


i did pretty damn well this week buying up all that fear

how about you?

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I did really well with LABU and MTA. Got lucky and bought both at their lows.

Don’t know shit but I think today was a relief rally and things will go (and be more affordable) lower…



@Eskimo stated the same and dude know what he bought.

Short term bounce. Next week is options ex, so get ready for another rollercoaster. Long term… bloodbath.


Yolo this weekend I guess :slight_smile:

I’ll be buying dips next week and then selling as soon as I’m in the money.


For later

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