The stock market today

I have been shorting FB/META since the 220s but using it with long calls. Everytime I need to dole out money to buy a call I just short the shares. Easy peezy. On most days I am just moving calls up and down the calendar for a credit and let the market do what it wants to do with the share price.

But I couldve also started the other way by owning the shares first and buying puts and created exactly the same short position and had roughly the same profit. In that case I would’ve sold shares to buy the puts.

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You seem pretty bright and thanks for the summary. I work 60+ hours over the last several years but I have to look at the easier option (via calls, puts, leveraging, etc).


They also have always been in the business of content creation and have IP coming out of their ass.

Thats a problem…The reason why you have to work so many hours is because there is too much dead weight in the financial sector. They dont provide any value.

Just put you into a 60/40 portfolio.

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Made $20k on the $REV calls…Now flipping short with Puts! Look to buy REV Puts here kids!

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They just opened up the weeklys on it.

So I dont think that REV is worth playing unless you allow yourself to profit from short squeeze potential.

I might buy shares along with puts.

Just exited


beautiful green day

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The VIX is going down beneath $28. These mfers lied to us.

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Hope Iamhe didn’t keep laying into those shorts. He’s quit posting his thanos gifs since this bear mkt rally started.

Anyhow, first gap fill is at 389.75 on SPY and the 2nd one is at 401.44. It would make sense for us to fill both on this rally. Don’t see us being able to push too far past 406 but who knows. Bear market rallies can get stupid.

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I am fully convinced now that this rally is out getting people who were irresponsibly shorting that market.

I got call heavy fast.

good thinking to go after the shit hole stocks that had been nuked

And it’s squeezing today

ATGE short looks interesting…just trying to find random shit moved by the Russell rebal… i dont have my screeners setup like i used to…i suck

LOPE also




way too many…man i wish i still kept up with all this

goddamn CHK lol

Just checked all my retirement savings. Work rrsp, spousal rrsp, Lira, and TSFA and I’m down 15% from the highs, 10% from the beginning of the year.

PRTH is a perfect example of a russell rebal move

ended up covering my UPRO at the close. i still think there is more juice but ill take this close

be greedy when others are fearful

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So far, for the year 2022:

DOW: -15.58%
S&P: -17.93%
NASDAQ: -28.21%
Bitcoin: -55.41%

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