The stock market today


I really enjoy that you and Iamhe only post here to gloat. Very interesting and says everything about you as people. Zero normal conversations and zero helpful input. No different than people that just post images of their material possessions on social media. Very odd behavior for an adult male and I assume you’re a guy. Good luck to you and the tea leaves.


I’m still buying but the first half of the year was horrendous. I’m down $30K.

You should learn to read the tea leaves bro

Yeah I was wondering about that guy…maybe lost all of his money this past month with the bear market rally.

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Jesus. What the hell were you buying? Oil stocks?


Who’s the first major tech company to go bankrupt?

Roughly what percentage is that? As long as you weren’t holding ARKK then you will be fine.

I’m good. Stocks are about 30% of my portfolio. Not too concerned about them one way or another.

Short AAPL

Go on…

Edit…tweet data was not correct

Around 15%. I’m buying diversified stock and bond index funds so when the market’s up, I do well. When the market is getting it’s teeth kicked in…so do I.

Diversified index funds, stocks and bonds…bad year so far!

Your portfolio will be fine in 10 years. Probably even in 5 years. But embrace the suck for the next 3 years.

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But not a bad month…

You have to stay on top of your shit at each market cycle transition if you expect to beat the markets. Havent you seen what’s been going on with growth stocks, and small caps, and biotech and clean energy stocks over the past month?

Just in the past 2-3 days have seen surges in AMC, Draft Kings, and Cloudflare. Like 20% returns.

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I think we are coming off the market bottom and going into a full recession:

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Spread between 3 month treasury and 10 year treasury is down to 12 basis points. Big warning alarm if that inverts. All treasuries 1 year and under are hitting new highs for yields too. 1 year treasury is the highest yield on the curve as well.

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I am buying these dips.

The VIX futures aint doing shit until September.

get your bungholes ready