The Strain (tv series)…

Anyone else remember this show? I remember really enjoying the first and second season but I don’t remember much beyond that. Did it get terrible ? Perhaps I got side tracked with another show

We’re you a fan of this series?

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Never watched. In for info.

It was one of my ‘guilty pleasure’ shows. It was so terrible, but so much so that it was entertaining purely because of how bad it was.

Another one like that for me was ‘The Last Ship’.


First season was great. The other 2 not so good. Still give it a 6.5/10

I watched the whole thing, just because I HAD to finish it. First season was decent, but then it got progressively worse.

I remember getting distracted and annoyed by the main character’s wig, to the point it was taking my attention away from the plot.

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Yeah the show just kept going on and getting silliar and sillier

The last ship may have tried to be good at one time but the whole point of the show became about that captain, commander, admiral Tom guy being the biggest badass imaginable which was laughable. He had no muscle definition, and non-existent fighting style even when he was supposed to be a cage fighter LOL. Then as an admiral he just going to combat and mow down enemies with a machine gun. Ugh. And he had Rhona mitra thrown off the show because people liked her better than his sissy ass.


I watched the last ship…only for the female lead.

Read the books first, show was good coming out of the gate. Started to slow second half of the second season but it wasn’t a bad series.

The Strain was a really fun show if you’re into the genre. It lasted 4 seasons, but the last 2 seasons were a bit repetitive. IIRC, the show was originally supposed to be 5 seasons, but abysmal rating made it into 4. And knowing how everything worked out in the end, you could probably reduce it to 3 seasons and not really miss much.

Read/loved the novel trilogy it was based on but only saw season 1 of the show. The master vampire was so comical looking I couldn’t get past it. Looked like Nosferatu and Batboy had a baby together. I assume in season 2 he took over the rock star’s body if it followed the book, but by the time it came out I had lost interest.

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