The Tapout Show

Pretty cool. Not sure why they showed it twice in a row, but it was interesting.

Why doesn't Damacio fight at 145?
He looked pretty tough, but a guy who weighs 175 naturally will give him trouble.

TapouT is the best company out there hands down

"TapouT is the best company out there hands down"

Did they pay you to say that?

Sure didnt, but take notice to the tapout shorts that let me have max room to allow me to manover the submission into place and sacure the win :)

the sleek material also allowed this shot to the nuts to slid right off with minimal damage


The show was pretty good. Interesting to see the behind the scences of a big mma company like that.

Pimp shorts dude. I have not seen those shamrock ones yet.

What's with the ridiculous war-paint and the dirty towel the main TapouT
guys is always wearing?

hands down the woert show on TV. I felt like a fool watchibg it. The corny act from the tapout guys is really bad.

Is that a "Strike or Submit" tattoo on your stomach?

"I felt like a fool watchibg it"

Then dont watch it, you really are a fool if you didnt enjoy it and continued to watch it

"Is that a "Strike or Submit" tattoo on your stomach?"

Uh Hu

Bispings please feel free to tell us what you would love nothing more then to see on the show?

so about that Damacio Page guy...

He's tuff I was suprised to see he had a ground game from the begining when he was practicing I was under the impression he was just a brawler...Def. needs to start fighting at 145

ttt for warpaint and cornrows!!

never knew what to think of those guys, but they put in work big time.

you ain't street

Did anyone hear that Uriah Faber fought last night? Brock Lesnor also fought Saturday night!
Did anyone hear what happened?

Yes and they showed live on the Versus Network. Faber won. Brock won.

"Then dont watch it, you really are a fool if you didnt enjoy it and continued to watch it"

sometimes i watch saved by the bell and i feel like a fool then as well. They me great guys, but damn.......

I liked the show, When I could get past the caricatures, the quick cartoons, the porn chicks and all that image crap. I was impressed by how genuine the guys are.

But I think the TapouT guys are dating themselves with their image. It's already looking old on them. They're going to have to change it eventually.

Good stuff, well put together. I really enjoyed it, looking forward to the next..but, where is joker?