The Terminal List by Jack Carr

My buddy recommended the audible, its read by Ray Porter.

It’s about a Navy seal whos team ends up getting killed in combat, he’s one of the only survivors and upon a medical check the find that he has a brain tumor. He quickly realizes that the US government is behind his team getting killed and his tumor and now they’re out to get him.

I’m not doing this book any justice by that description, but I don’t want to say too much without giving anything away.

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Really liked it. Carr is determined to publish a book a year, with his latest “The Devil’s Hand” being released next month.

Im a fan, will totally listen to more of his stuff

They Navy will definitely throw you under the bus to cover their own ass and cover for a “golden boy” who would otherwise embarrass them more than getting caught doing you dirty.

Giving SEALS tumors like the Suicide Squad is a bit much.

It does deeper than that…but its a book and a good story so who cares.

It’s all good. People see ships and they see a vacation. I see a ship and all I see is work.

Show me where the Navy touched you. It’s not your fault. Hey. It’s not your fault.


Everywhere!!! I spend 5 years punished by the BIG Don.

I like hearing all the offensive nicknames for ships.

Thomas Gates-Gates of Hell
Kitty Hawk-Shitty Kitty
Abraham Lincoln-Stinkin Lincoln

One day I’ll do a thread of all my reasons I wrote down to get out of the Navy and what batshit crazy thing caused it. I was up to 150 or so before I left.

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Chris Pratt bought the rights to these books and is going to make an Amazon series with them.
The author Jack Carr (not his real name) is an really nice and good guy.

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That’s a decent series; or at least the first three books. I haven’t read the fourth one yet.

If you’re ever looking for an absolutely fantastic, if difficult, read though, please pick up Fearless by Eric Blehm. It’s a biographical account of SEAL Adam Brown’s life. I have never cried reading a book before in my life and this book tore me up. I made the mistake of reading it on vacation in Jamaica. It is not a vacation read.

Just heard him on Andy Stumpf’s Cleared Hot podcast. He sounds like an awesome guy. Will read these.

amen and I totally agree.

I recommend that book to everyone and made both of my daughters read it.

My BF served with Adam and said he was a great human.

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I read the book, liked it a lot. One of the better action/military thrillers. Bought the 2nd book, about to read that one too, after I finish the current book I’m reading.

Wait, you have a boyfriend too? Jesus, what don’t you have?