The Tim Tebow experiment

How many people are tuning in on Sundays to watch this? I find myself watching NFL games for the first time in years. Phone Post


I find myself watching more just to see them run an offense no one else is using. College football is more exciting to me because of the variety. Phone Post

 Its awesome to see him play. Ive been a disinfranchised Broncos fan since they dismantled the team when McDaniels took over. But he's gone, Elway is in the front office and Tebow is pulling wins out his ass. Makes it fun to watch again.

I don't watch many NFL games and couldn't tell you who plays or even coaches for who any more but if the Broncos are playing I'll watch just to see Tebow play.

Hope he proves all the haters wrong

I am almost certain he eats the foreskin from all the babbies that he circumcised.

Jesus approves of this and gives extra mana to Tebow in the final two minutes of the game. Phone Post

 that's some sick shit meat. haha

Another 4th quarter comeback for Tebow magic. Phone Post