the top 20 Light Heavyweights

1 Vanderlei "the Axe Murderer" Silva (Chute Box):

Current 3x PRIDE Middleweight Champion, PRIDE Middleweight Grand Prix Champion, IVC Middleweight Champion & 2x Brazilian Muay thai Champion.

2 Chuck "the Iceman" Liddell (Kickboxing/Wrestling): 16-3.

Current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion & ex-IFC Light Heavyweight Champion.

3 Randy "the Natural" Couture (Greco-Roman Wrestling): 13-7.

ex-3x UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, 4x UFC Heavyweight Champion & UFC 13 4-man Heavyweight tourney Champion.

4 Tito Ortiz "the Huntington Beach Bad Boy" (Wrestling/Submission fighting): 14-4.

ex-5x UFC Light Heavyweight Champion.

5 Antonio Rogerio "Minotouro" Nogueira (Brazilian Top Team Jiu jitsu): 11-1.

6 Renato "Babalu" Sobral (Gracie Barra): 25-5.

Current IFC Light Heavyweight Champion & BVT 14 Champion.

7 Mauricio "Shogun" Rua (Chute Box): 9-1.

8 Quintin "Rampage" Jackson (Wrestling): 19-6.

9 Ricardo Arona (Gracie Jiu-jitsu): 10-2.

RINGS Middleweight Champion, 2x Abu Dhabi World Submission Wrestling
Light Heavyweight,‘01 Absolute Champion & ‘03 "Superfight" Champion.

10 Jeremy Horn (Jiu jitsu/Miletich MMA): 72-13-6.

ex-2x KOTC Light Heavyweight Champion, ex-TKO Light Heavyweight Champion, ex-TKO Middleweight Champion & ex-HnS Heavyweight Champion.

11 Igor "Ice Cold" Vovchanchin (Kickboxing/Sambo): 59-8-1.

8x Russian NHB 8-man tournament Champion, IFC 1 Champion, AFC 3 Champion, WVC 5 Champion & WVC 6&7 "Superfight" Champion.

12 Dan "Hollywood" Henderson (Greco-Roman Wrestling/Boxing): 16-4.

RINGS "King of Kings" '00 32-man tournament Champion, Brazil Open 4-man Middleweight tourney Champion & UFC 17 4-man Middleweight tourney Champion.

13 Kazuhiro Nakamura (Judo): 6-3.

14 Alister Overeem (Golden Glory): 20-5.

2H2H 5 4-man Heavyweight tourney Champion.

15 Murilo "Ninja" Rua (Chute Box): 10-5-1.

16 Ian "the Machine" Freeman (Vale tudo): 17-6-1.

Current FNC Open-weight Champion, ex-Cage Rage Heavyweight Champion & ex-HnS Heavyweight Champion.

17 Marvin "the Beastman" Eastman (Wrestling/Muay thai): 7-4.

WFA Light Heavyweight Champion.

18 Forrest Griffin (The Hardcore Gym): 10-2.

19 Yuki Kondo (Striking/Submission fighter): 43-16-5.

Current Light Heavyweight "King of Pancrase" & 2x Open-Weight "King of Pancrase".

20 Stephan Bonnar (Carlson Gracie Jiu Jitsu): 7-2.

I expect ranking of Igor to go up soon

I know a lot of people will disagree with Tito as #4, I may have to rethink that. but he has lost only top guys (1 by decision) has won his last 2 fights and not too long ago was the legit LHW Champ. and even though his fight with Belfort was controversial decision, Tito impressed me a lot. if he can't get fights and stays inactive this year I will drop him completely from the list. but for now, I don't think he has fallen as far as most people think.

I weight overall career more heavily than some people who look only at last couple fights. this is how it should be, it isn't just about "what have you done for me lately" (although admittedly recent performance is very important). It is not a fair picture to look only at this

like I said I am seriously rethinking Tito, your points are valid and understood

but it's funny what 2 years ago he was the undsiputed #1 and everyone wants to drop him right out of the top 10 because he lost to Chuck and Randy. There is no shame in losing to either of those 2 guys, and it is worth noting he went 5 rounds with Randy which very few have

this is too funny I can't believe I'm defending Tito!

Like I said it all goes back to taking overall career into consideration. maybe I'm wrong but that's how I see it

Igor's ranking will go up if he continues to perform in the Grand Prix. but he has only fought what like 2-3 fights at LHW, mostly against scrubs and he couldn't finish Kondo WHO TITO FINISHED IN LIKE 2 MINUTES!!!

There are 6 fighters behind Tito in your top ten who should be rated ahead of him

Forrest would get crushed by all those guys ranked under him. Tito is more like 10th.

unfortunately it is time to drop Vitor (for now). he is still my favorite fighter but my rankings have never been about who I like best

yeah he beat Marvin but he's gone 0-3 since then (I am not counting the Randy Couture cut really that wasn't a fight) while Eastman has at least won a couple fights since then

Arona shouldn't be at #9. He didn't fight fpr 2 years since 2002. His comeback fight resulted in a loss to Quinton Jackson. Then he beats a newcomer, the russian dude, who was making his mma DEBUT. And then he beat Lister, an unranked fighter, via a lackluster decision. Dan Henderson should be above Arona even though he lost to him by split decision two years ago.

Dan at least stopped Bustamante and Nakamura recently and has been much more active.

And lol@Tito being #4. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira beats Sakuraba, Nakamura, Overeem, and Henderson and he is still ranked below Tito. Did his decision victory over COTE or his controversial win over Vitor put him above Rogerio? LOL

who has shogun beaten besides Rampage (who is not the same fighter after the Vanderlei beatings)? nobody. it's hilarious how everyone is jumping on his jock

Rogerio has some good wins but 7 of his 11 wins were by decision. he split-decisioned Mezger who Tito beat the crap out of, he was trounced by Vladdy who Tito dominated

I am just saying I'm not so sure Tito belongs so far below these guys. his overall career is much more impressive

I am not trying to denigrate these fighters I am just trying to put things in better perspective

he beat Nakamura the first time in Nak's first MMA fight. the second match was a split decision. Sak is completely washed up and hasn't beaten a top fighter in eons when Rogerio beat him

Rogerio has finished only 4 fights, Tito has finished 9.

dont read it if you don't like it asswipe

"Rogerio has some good wins but 7 of his 11 wins were by decision. he split-decisioned Mezger who Tito beat the crap out of, he was trounced by Vladdy who Tito dominated"

If you taking the old wins of one's career then Vitor should be in the top 10 cuz he destroyed Silva. It doesn't make sense that you disregard a fighter's activity and record based on their most recent wins which show a fighter's improvement. Rogerio stopped Henderson via armbar and the others by dominating decision victories. His performance and recent quality of opponents(of which he got wins over) have been much more impressive than Tito's in my opinion.

yes his win over Henderson was damn impressive. but you have to admit he has not been a big finisher. the 3 other guys he finished were Fuji (7-9), Theobold and Immamura (2-6)

BTW again I mean no disrespct to Shogun and Rogerio who are awesome fighters. I am just trying to play devils advocate and put their fights in perspective

I know the ABC theory doesn't work but there is SOME VALIDITY to comparing fighters by judging how they've done against common opponents. and Rogerio doesn't hold up so well when compared to Tito this way (vs. Vladdy and Mezger), nor does his finishing percentage (40%)

might want to work on your counting skills there buddy. I'm done with you

you forgot #11 your mother

what a much more useful use of UG time and space your posts are!

ridiculous rankings!!!!

Yuki Kondo below marvin eastman/forest griffin!!! LOFL!

also where is yoshida?

tito at #3? his 2nd biggest win was Yuki Kondo years ago! LOL...

brazilian.. just please give it up!

Jeremy horn at #10? when tamura kiyoshi kicked his ass? and Tamura is not even ranked?

just give it up!

bad trolljob IMO

"Dude, I challenge you Evilyoshida to try to post more than 3 posts in a row without saying "Wheres yoshida in this ranking" or anything about Yuki Kondo, Seriously, ILL PAY YOU. "

attack the message not the messenger.

i'm loyal to kondo/yoshida/sakuraba..... that's why i defend them.. they dont' get the credit.

kondo beats Henderson and sperry recently.. and look at his ranking!

if any of you check out the josh barnett/Kondo fight.. you would all put him in the top 10.. too bad you ghetoo asses can't see pancrase

I'm inclined to ignore EvilYoshida since he went about his criticisms in such a disrespectful manner but hey that didn't stop me from responding to the other idiot so here goes:

Kondo lost 3 of his last 4 fights. he is a highly accomplished and skilled fighter but when that happens you drop in the rankings in comparison to guys who are winning fights

I wouldn't rank him over Horn just because he beat him 5 YEARS AGO. his only notable win since October 2000 was over Minowa September 2002. the other wins were over Makhmud and Sefo (both 0-1) and Takada (never won a real fight)

Yoshida is 1-2 as a LHW (and that's assuming the fight with Tamura was real which we won't even go there)

thanks can we be friends now?

"Actually , NO. Kondo lost to Henderson, and is 1-4 in his last 4 fights, really impressive man. Regardless of who you "thought" won, outside of bizzaro world, Henderson won, just like outside of bizzaro world, Wand beat your idol Yoshida, accept it.Kondo beat sperry 6 fights ago. "

lol... almost everybody thinks that is a robbery. if you can't see that you are blind.. so I guess royce/yoshida 2 was a draw too eh...

Kondo beat sperry 6 fights ago? how about tito beating silva 5 years ago and Kondo years ago.. why is he #3? LOL!

these rankings are ludicrous.. Ifyou really think that some of these guys like forrest and marvin can beat Yuki Kondo or Yoshida.. LOL!!! 80% of those on the list would not be able to handle 3 min. w/ wanderlei.. yet yoshida does.. yet he doesn't get his props.