The top 5 GOAT tv shows ranked!

Recently I informed the OG of the GOAT breakfast. Please see my thread “This is the GOAT breakfast” if you want to learn about the best breakfast eva. A lot of people were very grateful for that information, believe you me.

Now I shall inform the OG of the top five GOAT tv series (just drama, no comedy included).


  1. The Shield
  2. Narcos
  3. The Sopranos
  4. Breaking Bad
  5. Gotham*
  • I’m still watching Gotham, it could potentially move up the list and take the #4 or #3 spot but I have to finish the series to know whether or not that happens. It should also be noted, The Wire was decent but its not top 5 material. I thought Bloodlines could enter the top 5 but it went to shit after the second season.

I don’t even like watching more than one or two series a year at most but man, Gotham is awesome.

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Sopranos is #1, first season of True Detective is #2, Mr Inbetween is #3, The Wire is #4 and Breaking Bad is #5

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Regular TV:

  1. Hill Street Blues

  2. Law and Order

  3. Wonder Years

  4. Miami Vice

  5. Kung Fu

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I don’t wanna call Breaking Bad overrated but it is not at the level people act like it’s at. Sopranos is far better than it and about 100 times more quoteable and rewatchable.

Mad men is also a superior show to it and has one of the best endings of all time… about 2 seconds after you thought you watched the worst ending ever.


Please observe Sopranos is ahead of Breaking Bad and if Gotham continues to be as good as it has been, I fully expect Gotham to knock Breaking Bad to #5. Breaking Bad was thrilling to watch live but you are right… its highly likely its not very rewatchable. I have not tried.

The Shield is very, very rewatchable. I rewatched the entire series and it was almost better than the first time seeing it. First and only tv show I’ve ever rewatched besides Trailer Park Boys (the #1 GOAT comedy tv series).

I know you put it ahead of BB but a lot of people don’t. I’ve only caught a couple random episodes of Gotham but it does look good so I’l have to watch it at some point

You are right, a lot of people don’t. Most people are pretty much Peter…


The Shield is my #1 too. I still shed a tear when I think of Lem getting a grenade dropped in his lap.

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After the first series they are in no particular order…

The Wire
The Sopranos
Breaking Bad
Band of Brothers
The West Wing - NYPD Blue

I’ve never seen any of the Marvel movies…I’m guessing Gotham is one of those?

Comedy - Seinfeld
War- Band of Brothers
Action - Vikings
Drama - Sopranos
Fantasy - GOT (until S8)

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All of these lists are wrong if they don’t contain The Muppet Show, WKRP in Cincinnati and Kids In The Hall.

I know very little about the Marvel movies to be honest. I like Batman but I’m not into comics or Marvel movies. Gotham is a tv series produced by Warner Bros that focuses on the early lives of Bruce Wayne as a child and Jim Gordon as a young cop in Gotham City. Don’t think its directly tied to reflect on any of the Burton/Shumaker/Nolan films but it “feels” most like the Nolan films and also involves familiar characters like Edward Ngyma, Penguin, Fish Mooney, Harvey Dent, etc…

Its pretty much a giant Bruce Wayne and Gotham City prequel to everything in the Batman years.

ok, thanks for that. And I did remember that I’ve seen one Marvel movie. I saw Deadpool with RR. I just assumed it was an updated version of the Clint Eastwood movie when I saw him in his uniform, I was like WTF is this shit.

It is DC universe. A lot darker, not as much humor.

It is a totally new spin on this kind of show. Almost a monster of the week sort of thing. Like Xfiles in a fictional city where you have an ex military bad ass detective exposing corruption and chaos everywhere.

In the meantime, Bruce Wayne is a kid, and Alfred is an ex special ops guy who not only takes care of him but is training him. The kid who plays Bruce absolutely NAILS the Dark Knight style delivery and disposition of the american psycho guy.

The entire premise of Batman becomes way more believable and honestly Gotham is the best thing DC has EVER done on tv or movies.

I never made it through the first season of The Shield. Everyone says it gets so much better, but it felt like a chore getting through the first few episodes, so I stopped. Maybe I’ll give it another go at some point

I really enjoyed Louie, Justified, and The Americans.


Mad Men
Friday Night Lights
Breaking Bad

I don’t rank Band of Brothers as it’s a limited series but it would be #3

All other lists suck cock by choice


The writer’s strike season really hurt that show

Took way too long for Justified to be mentioned