The Top Russian fighter currently, you agree?

Alexander Shlemenko aka Storm

Record: 46-7-0

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If you disagree than who is the top?

Give Nurmagedov or however the fuck its spelled a couple years and this may be a different conversation. Phone Post

Khabib nurmagomedov IMO. Phone Post

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might be

Yeah I'd have to probably agree right now especially if he wins the Bellator MW title.

Nur could pass him if he continues on and beats better comp but Storm is gonna have a much easier time winning a title in Bellators weak MW div than Nur is in UFC stacked LW div.

So holding that title is gonna probably seal the deal.

Absolutely agree Phone Post

Beating Falcao would be a big win, I think he takes it

Agree. Phone Post

Agreed. At first I thought that was too far, but there aren't many top Russians left. Shlemenko has been around for a while but he is still pretty young. He is also helping to train the next generation of Russian fighters like Sarnavsky, and Koreshkov.
Kabib is coming up quick, but he is gonna have a tough time keeping his win streak going. Phone Post


Can't wait to see him smash Falcao. Phone Post

Pretty sure its that dude with the Al Pacino moniker Phone Post

AlchemyIronworks - Khabib nurmagomedov IMO. Phone Post

This Phone Post

Shlemenko all day Phone Post