The Top Traders in the World $$$$$

The Trader Monthly 100: The Top 10

It took $50 million just to make the cut. Our top five each topped $1 billion. The fourth annual Trader Monthly 100 lists the absolute best traders in the business.

April 2007

Here are the top 10. Click on each name to read a profile. Click on the link at bottom of the chart to see the next 10 names on the list.

The Trader Monthly 100: The Top 10

Name City Firm Age Est. Income
John Arnold Houston Centaurus Energy 33 $1.5-2B
James Simons East Setaucket, New York Renaissance Technologies Corp. 68 $1.5-$2B
Eddie Lampert Greenwich, Connecticut ESL Investments 44 $1-1.5B
T. Boone Pickens Dallas BP Capital 78 $1B-1.5
Stevie Cohen Stamford, Connecticut SAC Capital Advisors 50 $1B
Stephen Feinberg New York Cerberus Capital 47 $800-900M
Paul Tudor Jones Greenwich, Connecticut Tudor Investment Corp. 53 $700-800M
Bruce Kovner New York Caxton Associates 62 $700-800M
Israel Englander New York Millennium Management 58 $600-700M
David Shaw New York D.E. Shaw & Co. 55 $600-700M


These are hedge fund managers.  The editor figures that Arnold edge Simons out, that's why he's ahead.

33 years old....I think he had something like a 317% return last year

Keep in mind that that isn't what the hedge fund made, that is what they, the managers, fucking netted with managing fees and their cut of the performance. That's real cash

Those guys would make good OG'ers for sure. Probably geniuses and have OG-esque incomes

I think Jinx was well on his way, but the FDA threw a turd in his punch bowl

I believe he has had over 150% returns annually since he started up in 2002


Do they all make the typical 2/20 ?(I know Cohen gets 3/35)


Arnold gets 3/30 and I think Simons gets 5/44. Ridiculous

I wonder if any of these guys are clinically depressed?

I dunno, but Brian Hunter probably is

little stevie cohen????

that lil jew boy we pantsed in middle school?

Hedge Fund managers just tanked Dendreon today. I saw it happen.

"Hedge Fund managers just tanked Dendreon today. I saw it happen."

Can you elaborate, Jinx?

gusto: Why is it a scam?

If I was 33 and had that money I can't see me going into the office on Monday...

but then it's that attitude which is one of the many reasons why I'll never be that guy!

Jwizard, the simple answer is naked shorts which are basically phantom shares. There is some heavy manipulation done by hedge funds to fuck with the market and drive prices where they want them to go.

Lol at that winey bitch article.

"Wah wah hedge funds and private equity make loads of money"

Especially lol at them claiming private equity doesnt generate wealth

That article is specifically referring to something that these traders are not generally involved in. Also, those doing the jobs referred to in the article aren't putzing around in 9-5 jobs and spending their free time on the OG. There's a reason they're making ridiculous amounts of money.

As for the traders, some of them have tremendous amounts of personal wealth tied up in their own funds. Do you not think they should be compensated for that kind of risk? They also can generate huge amounts of wealth for their investors. If someone was able to make those kind of returns for me, I would probably be willing to give up the management/incentive fees.

The article is referring people involved in takeovers. The thread is about traders, those who buy and sell without all that much in the middle (like restructuring/takeovers).

The article anyway is basically a whining piece where the author is complaining that those jobs that create some kind of social good are far less valued than those in private equity/investment banking/etc. What the author fails to note the basic job market dynamics in both sides. The barriers to entry are relatively low for teachers, soldiers, police officers, etc. The barriers to entry to Wall Street are incredibly high, and once you're in, you have to fight tooth and nail to stay there. Also, the level of intelligence it takes to get to Wall Street and stay there is much higher than it is to be the average school teacher (I've been a university level teacher), soldier, or police officer.

I fail to see how any of this is a scam (ie fraudulent).

Also, what makes it right for Ben Stein to make as much as he does when teachers, soldiers, and police officers are far less compensated?