"The Toughest Tournament in Sports"??!!!

I'm listening to the MMA Hour for this past week, and he brought up Bjorn changing the policy on title Rematches. Bellator has now coined the phrase "Toughest Tournament in Sports".

I remember Chael saying this exact phrase on the conference call when the UFC announced him and JBJ as the coaches.

Did Bellator steal the phrase from Chael or vise versa? Phone Post

Probably neither of the two coined the phrase; it seems like a common thing to say when promoting.

Either way, if you make it through that tourney in one piece you're a fucking monster. Can't wait for Good vs Koreshkov tonight!

Ryann Von Doom - It's been their catch phrase for a while. Phone Post

If that's the case, then it sounds like the Chael marketing machine is in full swing. Phone Post

Champions LEague outside of combat sports