MMA WORLDWIDE & TAPOUT MAGAZINE.... Me and our crew have set out on a month long tour to promote the premiere issue of MMA Worldwide Magazine.  MMA Worldwide is the sister magazine of Tapout Magazine.  MMA Worldwide focuses on the lifestyle of fighters rather than in the gym stuff.

We just stoped off in Phoenix for Rage in the Cage and then we are off to Vegas next weekend for the UFC.  From the UFC we are going to Ring of Fire in Colorado.  In between we are stopping off in Utah on the weekend of January 10th.  If anyone knows of a fight that weekend that we can go to I would appreciate it.

(By the way Jeremy Horn . . . answer your phone and call a brother back, we want to do a story on you)

I am confused...I thought you were outa the tap out gang.  Did I see another thread where you were talking about Sprawl?  ^^^ Tour sounds cool though.

bee rad- Yes I am done with TAPOUT CLOTHING and now with TAPOUT MAGAZINE, MMA WORLDWIDE, and SPRAWL.  The tour we are on now is so freaking fun. We will be in gyms  and major mma events around the nation so come visit me!

Thank you SO much Mr. Pittman (TAPOUT MAG / MMA WORLDWIDE) for the opportunity  and thanks for the support Steve (SPRAWL)

Mike,If you ever come to New England again,gimme a call. I think I'm still hungover from the Mohegan Sun event.

Your hungover.........Shit I'm fucking pregnant.

Can't wait to see you guys at the show man..

JOKER back in Colorado..

still remember you coming down to the bar in nothing but a towel and tape on your head.. one of my favorite fight related moments.. the place was like WTF, except all the chicks in the place started perculating! LOL


Joker = Rockstar ! ^^

Holly cow! I so remember that..... We are going to have some fun.

Joker , go to sleep now . Your spelling is slurring .

Joker needs to get fixed.Him using the morning after Pill as birth control is an outrage, its unacceptable and it makes me sick!

HKP, The pic of Joker playing pocket pool is just not right.On behalf of myself and mma.tv could you please use other images.Is it possible to romoshop Jokers mug in the wheelbarrow?

^En route to Jokers Tour!

Stop in Havasu on the way to Vegas.


Id have sex with Joker anytime

TYOC , he is on tour as a rockstar , just not sure if  Mrs. Joker  would appreciate.?

Nice gesture !!

Sven-  Can you e-mail me your contact info and number? I would like to try and do a story on you in the new MMA WORDWIDE MAG.     joker@jokerswildfighting.com

Thanks, JOKER