The True Kettlebell Snatch Pull

This is a variaion of the Snatch Pull/Swing that I just fell in love with again. It's known as "The True Snatch Pull." It's fairly easy to learn and to teach and can be used as a progression to up to the Snatch.

In fact, Pam and I taught to a group of 17 people this morning and they all picked it up very quickly.

You can check it out here:

Jason C. Brown


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Good stuff as always JC.

Where's the dog? Out sick that day?

Looks good Jason. Question (i don't have audio so you may have addressed this in the vid):

What do you recommend for rep ranges? It seems that because of the grip higher rep ranges might be recommended because weight could be limited. What do you think of these compared to the same exercise one handed?


Nice, Jason..thanks for the demo. I'm going to include that in my circuit along with burpees and swings tommorrow.


Oh, and i've got a good friend moving to Philly within the next year i think. You know what that means!!! Party at CF PHILLY!


Hey Doug,

Bella was home alone, warm in her blanket.

Usually kettlebell drills are done for high reps because like you said, it's a fixed weight.

I do prescribe sets of very low reps though but it's usually for drills that don't involve any elastic energy, like Snatches from the floor.

I wouldn't recoommend doing this drill one-handed. I would stick with single arm swings/high-pulls or snatches.

Looking forward to meeting your friend.

The first time I actually saw this exercises is from a buddy of mine who wrestled on a National level for Romania (he's Romanian). He said that they used kettlebells extensively during training, as part of a complex program.

He was doing them while we were in the pool (I had brought down the KB to do swings in the pool). He'd dunk himself all the way underwater, then do the movement as he came up.

Good stuff.

nice! and thanks for the vid

That's a bad ass shirt you got there. =)