The True Story of "Ref KO's Cornerman"

This video of me and my altercation with Korey Hayes, the coach of the Knoxville-based MMA team Cage Killers, was highlighted on this youtube video about 2 months ago.

As the referee in this bout, there was alot of controversy as to whether I was justified in striking Mr Hayes during this incident. I wrote an extensive paragraph, stating that it was unlike me to strike another person outside of a combat sports setting. However, I felt as though I was in a dangerous situation and that he would have struck me if I hadn't acted. The event would evolve into the centerpiece of the issues concerning the legalization of the sport in Tn. When I attended the meeting that saw the state athletic commission finally pass sanctioning of amateur MMA, the incident was brought up. They wanted to make sure that if sanctioning were put in place, this sort of thing would not happend again. Everyone involved expressed openly that the incident cast a dark shadow on the sport, and felt we should move forward for the benefit of the sport. Last night I attended an event at the National Guard Armory of New Tazwell, promoted Warrior Fighting Challenge. Only moments before my arrival, I was informed that ISKA had pulled their sanctioning, due to lack of insurance and security. The promoter insured me that the event would be run by "Sport Jiu-Jitsu" rules. Having attended the meetings of the State Athletic Commission, I was fully aware that all MMA event HAD TO BE SANCTIONED by one of three sanctioning bodies (ISKA, ISCF, and WKA). Realizing my fighters and cornermen could face later repercussions, I pulled them from the event. I arrived at the venue a few minutes later to collect my fighters. I passed the ticket counter and turned to walk down the hallway with Teammate Erick Jordan and my girlfrend. At this point, I noticed Korey Hayes out of the corner of my eye. Considering the nature of our last meeting and in the best interest of the event, I made it a point to avoid all contact. I did not make eye contact and I did not make any move toward Mr. Hayes whatsoever. However, as I turned my back and made my way toward the lockerooms, Mr Hayes struck me with a looping right punch from behind that shoved me into my girlfriend. He continued forward in an attempt to tackle me to the ground screaming something in the nature of, "you will never hit me again". I grabbed a single leg and drove myself forward until the onlookers separated us. Mr Hayes then exited the bulding in haste. When the police arrived a few minutes later, I filed a report. While his best haymaker punch from behind was unable to knock me unconcious, I was left with severe lacerations to my lips that required stitches to close up.
While I am irate at the situation, it is primarily due to the involvent of my girlfriend. I have trained with some of hardest hitters in the sport and getting punched is something I can readily deal with. And although I don't relish having my mouth split open, I will heal as I always have. When our altercation unfolded in Knoxville 2 months ago, it was handled face to face and without the involvement of any innocent persons. My girlfriend is not a fighter and had no place in that disagreement. I would have never placed his wife, girlfriend, or children in harms way over a personal issue between us. This is truly disgracefull behavior, and was intended to gain revenge for the initial event that was unfortunate and I feel that I had little control over to begin with. While I realize that I made a mistake in turning my back to someone that may have harbored resentment toward me, I truthfully felt that his words as a professional superceded his own egotistical agendas. Korey Hayes demontrated a vengefull nature that showed in both the meltdowns that followed his fighter's loss in Knoxville and his unprovoked attack last night. After he had left, I was told by one of his loyal students, that it was "even now, because you hit korey and now he hit you back". It is disappointing to hear that this instructor's teachings of ethics consist of, "an eye for an eye", "set him up to take your best shot when he turns his back", and "do whatever it takes to get revenge no matter how many innocent people it involves and even if it defaces the integrity of the sport", display his respect for MMA. I assume he was humiliated by the Youtube fiasco and felt he could even the score by attempting to knock me out and embarass me in return. He was unable to do either. I stand rock steady and continue to move myself, my team, and Tennessee MMA forward.
There are currently charges being prepared on several civil and criminal levels. This act proves premeditation, and crossed county lines in the process. Furthermore, the state athletic commission has been informed and will deal with Mr Hayes in thier own fashion.
I'm sure everyone has their own opinions, and after seeing the video, some will feel the attack on me was deserved. However, remember that this is still a sport of honor. I was never asked to discuss the previous incident or told what do to to make things right. Furthermore, I wasn't even asked to man up and fight (It was made clear that Mr Hayes carries some sort of heart malfunction, and because of this he was unable to participate in MMA contests). Instead it was handled in a vigilante manner that, once again, disgraces the people involved. I am normally not one to post on forums, but I took alot of blame for the heat that some people believe I placed on the sport during the Youtube incident. I took my lumps and showed my remorse, reading rants of how righteous of a man and instructor Korey Hayes was. This proves to be his answer to all the critics. That being said, I love MMA and all my many close friends involved, all over the nation. Furthermore, this goes to prove that my actions of self defense during the youtube altercation were justified. I'm embarrassed that, while there are many up and coming talented fighters in Tennessee, we are in danger to forever be known as a band of redneck amateurs that can't get along well enough to get their act together. I sincerily hope this does not turn out to be the case. Casey Oxendine- Team Oxendine MMA

spark notes?

If what you wrote is true this was a chicken shit cowards move on the part of Korey Hayes. This was thought out and premeditated.

Have you consulted with your legal counsel about posting this on an internet message board? That said, it was well written.

 what was he saying to you in that video before you hit him? thats unfortunate stuff, alot of things happen in the heat of the moment. but him putting your girlfriend in danger like that was some cowardly bs.

"The promoter insured me that the event would be run by "Sport Jiu-Jitsu" rules."

State Farm?

And BTW, hit enter a few times.

for any body that knows casey,knows he is a class act in or out of the cage,and would defently not assault some one for any reason so that being said i agree with caseys statement about him defending his self during there first altercation,and think kory is a chicken shit pussy for sucker punching some one and then running off.

FRAT !!!


 Thanks for posting. It was nice to catch the backstory on that. Good luck getting everything up and running in Tennessee.


 Video looks like the altercation could have been avoided all together had security not allowed anyone else into the ring in the first place..


 that was a Tyson-Spinks style ko!

Victory Jay -  Video looks like the altercation could have been avoided all together had security not allowed anyone else into the ring in the first place..

exactly, you could see that guy unlocking the cage himself. 


it was his on fault for getting punched he was asked to leave and didnt ,then put his hands on the ref .

pretty much, yea ! and she has to put her hands on you first before you hit her

Tame Dog -  And I don't know either of these guys.

 Casey is good people, if he says he felt threatened, i believe him. So in your opinion its cool when guys like Guida or this dude just jump in the cage and start a bunch of shit with a referee? For what, doing his job?

well us boys in the south do it a lil different i guess

I have consulted my legal counsel, and she agrees with my statement. She was on her way up for the event when it occurred and arrived about ten minutes later. She was actually very instrumental in getting the first MMA event in the state to come off. The incident that I'm citing, happened last night and was more that two months after this video was taken. As far as the personal conversation between Kory and myself, this is the comment I posted before.
"After reading the comments posted here over the last few days, this is my perspective of how things went. After taking several hard shots from his opponent the Kage Killers' fighter dropped to a knee, forcing me to hault the bout. The Kage Killers' cornerman then entered the cage and began to complain that his fighter had been hit by an illegal kick to the back of the head. At this point I explained that his man had turned his back. after the strike was thrown (you can see me rotating my finger in a stirring motion), making it a fair kick. Before I could finish explaining, the cornerman made several profane comments toward me and turned to walk away. At this point, I tapped him on the shoulder and explained to him that because of the disrespectful manner he was speaking to an official, that he would be barred from ringside for the remainder of the event. This was not done to provoke a fight, but rather to ensure order in the cage. Before I could finish, he yelled back not to touch him and shouted profanity again. With my hands open at chest level, blocking him from pushing forward back into the cage, I told him to leave the cage immediately and not to return. At this point he planted his feet, squeezed my forearms and shoved at me. Realizing I was dealing with a trained combatant in an irrational state, I reacted instictively to defend myself. Having trained nearly everyday for more than a decade, I understood his aggressive posture and what was possible to ensue from there. I did not know the man in front of me, or exactly what he was capable of. As well, I saw no security or other officials in our immediate area. With self preservation in mind, I did what I felt I needed to. After the incident, I was immediately assaulted and dogpiled by 3-4 of his teammates, before being pulled out by Dean Hamilton. After leaving the cage, I immediately exited the building. Although I wasn't there, I was informed that the Kage Killers team was involved in another fight with a different group after I had left. While it can be argued that the referee's job is to de-escalate an aggressive situation, I am still a human being. Having said this, I am disappointed that this nasty scene had to take place during such a trying time in the state's struggle for MMA santioning This is a sport that I truly cherish, and would never intentionally make any actions to hurt it's reputation. As far as the cornerman (whom a later learned was Corey Hayes), It was never a personal issue against him. I understand that emotions can flare in the heat of things, but I simply felt his words toward a ring official were unacceptable. I acted, in turn, by barring him from ringside. It was his actions that elevated the situation to what it became. I was not acting in anger, but in self-defense. Please note that throughout this entire process I never even raised my voice. I do not expect everyone to agree with my actions. However, it is what it is. Had I been given the time to think the entire process through, I certainly wouldn't have wanted things to turn out this way . But as it stands, I made a split second call to ensure that I wasn't the one laying face-down on the mat. "