The truth about Belfort!

I have been watching him fight since his first UFC fight and to me he is 100% top notch.

I hate when I read on here he has no heart and people dont know what Vitor would show up.

If your sister was missing how would you do VS Tito or Randy? Put yourself in Vitors shoes and ask yourself how you would do in fight period? Or ask yourself how you would handle anything in life itself under his position?

I have a sister very ill now and it bothers me alot. Vitor is amazing and I hope I to can handle myself the way he does.

So the next time people question his heart ask yourself if you can take a fight VS anyone or let alone go through life and handle yourself the way he does.


A true Vitor fan!

Vitor was robbed against Tito. He won two rounds clearly.

Going through what he's going through and still being competitive at such a high level is no question something to marvel at. "The Phenom" lives up to his nick name more every day.

Ya know, I'm an off and on Vitor supporter, but to say the man has no heart,let's talk about that.

Vitor Belfort, at 19 years old, set the UFC world on it's ear. Since then he has been somewhat inconsistant for reasons that I have no way of understanding, but one thing is for sure: Vitor Belfort is a fighter. ANYBODY that has fought the guys he has,win or lose, should never be accused of not having heart. It's insulting and inappropriate.

goku, I appreciate what you contribute to this forum, but I emphatically disagree with you. Vitor may not have all the answers in the cage, but he never taps. Both fights with Randy Couture should be proof the man has more heart than sense!

Not to mention, I know it would be a bitch for me to go to training everyday when i know my sister might be missing or hurt, and your training. Just that alone proves how much heart vitor has. Showing up to fight the best fighters in the world, and train hard knowing your sister is hurting or dead. Tito pissed me off when he said vitor had no heart, then at the end of the fight he told vitor, he was a warrior and that tito and vitor were the best.

"not tapping does not = heart imo...its FIGHTING THROUGH adversity--not merely withstanding it..."

Well put and I agree 100%. Just because you didnt tap doesnt mean you didnt give up.

he needs to go to 185. he carries to much muscle at LH or HW and it causes him to gas. That's the truth about Belfort!

"Tito beat Belfort, fair and square."

Oh really? Which rounds did Tito win?

I think Belfort has a lot more skill than you'd think! He just has faced top of the food chain opponets lately. Watch when everything falls together for him, he's still young!

Adam, primo give me a call. I hear what u are saying about belfort's situation and i totally agree but i dont think anything would change in any of his fights if his sister was not misssing. Belfort is a weird dude who most likely needs medicine and he should drop down to 185 where his body frame trully belongs


I think it would be pretty fun to watch vitor fighting at 185. Vitor vs. Terrell Zuffa make this happen

I know if i was vitor i would beat tito. IMO

The Champ im not making any excuses for the man, heck I dont even know him personally! I just say put yourself in his shoes and try to compete VS the best in the game.

Andro email me your # at Im in Hawaii right now.

BZ I thought Vitor did that on his own but got a bad dec against him.

Vitor isn't lacking heart, he's lacking self-discipline. The guy never seems to prepare for fights as well as he should. Given his talent, with the mind of a Randy Couture or Frank Shamrock he'd be the best fighter on the planet.

Its kind of hard to have self discipline to do anything while your sister is missing and still be able to compete or cope thats the point im making.

Dan Gable lost his sister

"Vitor was robbed against Tito. He won two rounds clearly."

Thanks for your opinion. It will be considered in any unforseen future judgments.

adam , was that your dad that called me last week?

adam , was that your dad that called me last week?

didnt Vitor have his baby born the day after his fight with Tito??