The Truth about Couture vs Vera!

This fight is as simple as they come and just ask yourself ONE question.

Will Couture be able to take Vera down at Will?

and im sure Vera Understands that as long as he prevents that and fights agressively he will win...if he doesnt he should.

The Winner of this fight will be determined on that above question.

If Couture takes Vera down then he wins.

If Vera Prevents the takedown and imposes his will with crisp boxing,muay thai and sets the pace and keeps it up all fight he wins...but does he understand that if he lets randy take him down he will lose?has he matured enough to understand how crucial stopping the takedown is to him being the winner or not?

Will Couture be able to take down Vera?

The Answer to this question will determine the winner.

Make your Choice!



i thought you were supposed to pick fights? not tell us what we already know

AOmonsta - i thought you were supposed to pick fights? not tell us what we already know

opening up a thread for discussion,dont worry about the predictions,they will come,be .....patient!

Vera can't pull the trigger. Couture got dropped twice by Nog.

Can Vera hit him once???? Can Couture prevaiL????

The answer?

Watch Pacman instead.

 I will post all of my predictions for UFC 105 on Nov. 15th. You will all be AMAZED! I'm predicting 100% accuracy in my predictions.

So he actually wants the pros and other guys who know their shit to tell him what they think will happen in the fight. He then proceeds to make his "own pick" by using the information provided for him. LOL.

This thread is not about me...but you see thats why people cant get enough of me... I have such a polarizing personality one way or another that even threads that are not about me become about me....people cant contain themselves...people need to stop being so small minded.I already have my answer to this question.

What does everyone else think.this is just a open discussion.

So Yes Or No?

Let The debate start! Trying to get a good discussion going.

Lets GO!

 Randy will drain the life out of him against the cage for the first round. When Brandon gases, like he always does, Randy will rag doll him to the ground the gnp him to victory.

I hope Brandon wins BTW


Nice prediction of your prediction.


TheTruth777 - Let The debate start! Trying to get a good discussion going.

Pick a side and then there's a debate. Right now, you're the moderator. Who gives a shit about a self-promoting moderator?

i think this fight is going to boring, even though i usually find Randy's fights very exciting. I can see a lot of holding against the cage, or vera nullifying randy on the ground. On the feet vera is better, but he won't be aggressive for fear of the take down. I hope i am wrong.

Pacman/cotto will be much better (even though Pacman will dominate), but UFC 105 will be a much better overall event.

I hope Couture can win this, I would love to see him fight Machida/Rua for the title!

Pathetic fight.
Utterly uninteresting on multiple levels.
Resembles this thread.

 The truth is awesome!

he is predicting either Vera or Couture will win!!

Thanks man!!!

Keys to victory:

Vera- He has to use leg kicks to set up his punches. He also needs to control the distance moving in and out to keep Randy from getting control and taking him down. Circling off after kicks and punches will help with that as well.

Couture- He has to use his jab to control the pace of the fight and set up his attack. He also needs to use duck unders when Vera tries to control him with the Thai clinch. He can probably use his dirty boxing to set up the body locks and Greco clinch that will lead him to easy takedowns. Above that he simply needs to control him once he puts him on his back, which has never been a problem for him in the past.

theYak - I predict:

Your schtick continuing to get old.


You continuing to fall away from your schtick and into the realm of lazy trolling.

Oh, and:

I predict Couture will fight Vera. I also predict that it likely won't be very exciting and probably won't mean anything more after it's done than before it had happened.

I predict you will hate no matter what.

I predict this thread sucks

 randy took nog to decision

vera took sozinski to decision

i'll take randy

^^^Agreed. 777 go back to sherdog