The truth about Koscheck

It is funny to read on here day in and day out about Josh Koscheck haters saying he sucks, hes boring, hes just a wrestler, hes got no heart, he has fought only cans.
What about Diego(the sanchez fight he might have one) and Leben? Cans HUH? What about a D1 national championship and undefeated season? Many of the top mma guys could do that. Right?? knocking out former185lb champion? Menne is a has been? Right?Finishing 5 of 8 in the UFC?? Easy huh?
The fact is he is the best wrestler in mma at 170. Could takedown anybody in that class.He is a fighter with a high stop percentage. He is a purple belt in bjj and probably the future champion in the div. But Dave Camarillo just gives belts away huh?? How come Sanchez wasnt a Blanket for just wrapping his arm aroun koschecks head and stalling out or spitting out his mouthpiece and yelling to the ref to stop the fight instead of waiting for the ref to do so? Or crying foul cause he got rocked after the ref said fight? was it? Or Sanchez dry humping Alessio cause he couldnt take him down to hump him? What about that?????I forget the UG is where champions R made not the gym any the UG is always right. HUH????


Ok Ill save this thread

Koschuck can suck my balls.

i think he's a jerkoff.

i also think he's top 5 WW for UFC

God damn, were those Pancrase matches? They looked fake as hell (the first two in the first video).


Hate him and Flame , but his standup has improved. We will see where it takes him ! Alot of wrestlers become great MMA standouts. I could care less , just vouching for his improvement and fortitude to carry on .

He works hard.

UG is harsh man, I wish I had his skill set as a base.

Who is more hated? Koscheck or Sylvia?


you cant deny his growth since TUF

He's a cocky fucker, but he's definitely no joke!

good save.

cocky jerkoff and more than likely champ within a year or two.

..."then he hugs them like a dirty uncle babysitting for the week."

Two words... pure gold.

I watched his last fight in the UFC against a can from Canada and he was annonced at a great improved fighter with much improved boxing skills since his is with the AKA and training hard in standup.His feet were moving awesome and his style looked like a pro.
Shit the can threw a jab and cut him on the first punch and stunded him.Cut him over the eye and he was shitting already not sure. He circles and takes a right the sends him sideways almost knocked out and he shoots in for the takedown not sure what to do.
Great takedown for sure and saved his none boxing ass improved or was the can better then they thought?
He couldn't do anything on the ground so they pulled him up and the can almost knocked him out again fuck takedown and another nice one but again nothing on the ground the can couldn't defend against.
I think the can was only a white belt in Jui Jitsu so Koscheck will kill him soon but when lmao.
Oh he had long leg in the interview and he seemed to have long arms in the punching also so he had some difficulty getting in lol.
The guy was a can and Koscheck never mentioned any talent so he is shit as he should have taken the guy out in one round. But was lucky to get the win . All I saw was some nice takedowns and blanket him.
Interview poor Koscheck was depressed some because the can had no talent and Koscheck still didn't shit all.
Either the guy was great or Koscheck was shit what was it in your opinion?
Otherwise nice standup until Koscheck got hit to much and did the blanket.
But a win is a win .
But improved boxing , I don't know about that?
I heard the can only had 2 amateur fights?
Where was the kid from ? I might try some lessons. lol

LOL, so now Joslin is a can too? Not only does Koscheck suck, but
everyone he fights, by association also sucks?

drugs are bad.

FACT#1   Joslin is NOT even close to a can. He is awesome!


FACT#2  Paragraphs are your friend.

not great, but not bad either. he's getting better but still not a killer or unstoppable. not even a force yet either.

"Could takedown anybody in that class."

He won't take George down.