The Truth

Due to the Olympics, people on here have been talking about things like Holyfeild's opinion on Amateur boxing and why it relates to TUF.

The basic gist of which is that pro boxers dont have the same range of abilities at fighting various styles as Am boxers. Which people here compare to TUF fighters who become stars and fall apart after 1 or 2 fights.

Similarly, why not bring in Olympic Judoka, Wrestlers, etc? These guys could "redefine" the heavy weight division etc.

We'll the answer to both of these issues is the model the UFC use. Which I'm not criticising, just highlighting.

Making TUF fighters visible, big PPV draws who don't last is a very viable business plan. Paying these guys very little but earning large PPV revenues from them.

Similarly, the UFC isnt in a rush to invest time and money in potentially great fighters. Like everything else they'll let the guys who want it work their way up and then take them.

This is the same in the music industry which has known for years that producing bad talent that sells a couple of hits locked in an exploitative contract is far more lucrative to the labels.

I'm not criticising just pointing it out.