How about a study on how comically useless masks are?

I'd wager at least 80% of people grab their mask on the mouth area *dozens* of times per day to pull it down to speak, etc. Don't agree? Just watch and witness. A potentially virus-laden mask. So then later in the day they use their then virus-laden (gloved or un-gloved {it's irrelevant}) hand to grab doorknobs and handles to unknowingly spread the virus further amongst the populace. High school biology 101. Now the government is mandating people wear these ridiculous things? It's a charade.

"It's for your own good!"

"We're the government... and we're here to help!"

These are words which should make adults shudder.

We should be grateful that there are many studies indicating that this virus is FAR more pervasive and NOT NEARLY as deadly as initially projected - every single model referenced by a very select group of "experts" the media promotes (to generate ratings) has proven to be woefully inaccurate in their magnitude ALREADY.

People have died - people will die. It's horribly tragic, of course. However we routinely step into a world every day where there are thousands of viruses that can kill us on a whim. Not to mention randomized life events like car accidents, etc. Life is tragic. Are we all going to hide inside because of this?

A doctor in NYC two days ago said that 80% of children may already be infected. Luckily for us children are just about completely impervious to the virus. What that results in is a LARGE segment of the population which already has herd immunity - so the virus can't spread further. That is a good thing.

Do you really think there is any chance of "stopping" a virus which spreads so easily ACROSS THE GLOBE and has such a long incubation period? That sitting on your couch will stop it?! You can spend the rest of your days being agoraphobic... and still contract it.

Yet for the majority of healthy people it passes with barely a mention - at most a mild illness.

Pandemics are *always* most severe in the ground zero outbreak areas because they are new to the populace at large - and because the most malignant mutations of the virus kill. However malignancy is counteractive to the "success" of the virus spreading - since it kills the hosts. So the more benign mutations spread the globe - since they are NOT as deadly by definition.

Something as contagious as this spreads like a nuclear bomb going off. Do you think 80% of NYC children may have had it and yet the rest of the populace wasn't also widely affected? NO CHANCE. The virus has probably ripped through NYC already. It killed a bunch of people, which is horrible - and yet at the same time MILLIONS have undoubtedly been infected while barely even realizing it. Now they are essentially immune and can go on with their lives. That contributes to herd immunity and that's a GOOD thing. Exposure = IMMUNITY for the VAST majority of people.

What's the alternative? Hiding indoors under RIDICULOUS pretenses like you're going to avoid ALL doorknobs for the next 12-18 months until a vaccine is available? It's absurd on its face. PURE fantasy. Many people hiding indoors are probably already immune! From what I understand the seasonal flu has thousands of mutations. Yet each year they select a handful of the *projected* common strains and immunize a *portion* of the populace to a very small *portion* of the flu for the season. You can STILL get the flu even with a vaccine. There are an incredible number of mutations which your vaccine will not counteract.

Which leads to the fact that COVID-19 is currently relatively stable. However it still has something like 9 different mutations already. Are you going to wait around for 1.5 years to get a vaccine that may only have a very limited effectiveness by the time it's widely available? Viruses mutate CONSTANTLY.

In fact - sheltering indoors (a.k.a. authoritarian, government mandated house arrest) allows the virus to have MORE time to mutate and herald a second wave of infection prior to herd immunity being built up. The mutated virus will bypass the immune systems of people who have already been exposed to the "original" strain of the milder, globally spread version of the virus.

You aren't "flattening the curve" you're EXTENDING it.

Millions of Americans are NOT going to die. IF we react to this more practically.

That is a certainty.

In a severe seasonal flu season 80,000 people die within the USA alone - and that's WITH vaccines distributed for some of the predominant strains each year.

However 17,000,000 Americans have filed for unemployment INSIDE OF A MONTH! That is unheralded in all of American history. At the peak of the 08-09 Financial Crisis 850,000 people filed for unemployment in a month.

Tell the old, immunocompromised, and afraid to shelter indoors. Provide financial assistance to the former two groups. The rest of us have to get on with it.

There are already 17,000,000 million people unemployed.

$2,000,000,000,000 (trillion) of taxpayer money has *already* been "spent" (printed) by the federal reserve to prop up the economy - which WILL come back in the form of inflation/stagflation to haunt us.

What happens when a huge portion of the populace CAN'T AFFORD healthcare?!

The only money the government spends is either "printed" in an illlusory sense - or taxed. What happens when there is no one left to tax?!

Not to mention financial markets (which provide the grease for any business to succeed) have been cratered.

Global supply chains are destroyed.

Small businesses (the largest employers of Americans) are being devastated and shuttered across the country.

401lk's have been wiped out. The older generation will become unemployed and replaced by younger, cheaper employees. That's the reality of the job market. Employers will be hesitant to hire older people since everyone thinks they're going to infect them and kill them.

Jobs don't magically come back at the flip of a switch. Millions of jobs will be lost - NEVER to be replaced in the same sense. Are we that sheltered to believe we can just solve this with a decision to reopen the economy at some convenient point in the future?

You're risking your parent's future. Not to mention everyone else's. Your children may never even understand what America once was.

That's how perilous this situation is.

We risk losing everything as a nation. Everything the United States has ever been or ever will be.

The freedoms for which hundreds of thousands of our forebears have sacrificed their lives to uphold.

At the altar of freedom.

We risk losing it all.

Over a virus for which there is increasing evidence has a 99.50% to 99.10% survivability rate. Which is only particularly deadly to certain segments of society - the old and immunocompromised.


It feels like we're currently in the Matrix.

Take the blue pill... or take the red pill.

The choice is yours.


Not a sheep; Never a sheep.

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Second sentence: "I'd wager"

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Second sentence: "I'd wager"

Me: I've read enough...

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“Not a sheep; Never a sheep.”


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