The TUF S3Thread (spoilers) ....

ahr my mateeees (in deepest gritty parott on shoulder voice)..........

Just wanted to start a thread to discuss TUF season 3.

caught episode 1 and it was good.  naturally they have refreshed a few things.

My likes

Ken v Tito - legit heat is a good angle and will help the show and the post season PPV where they fight.

Talent - I think they have some nice fighters in there again.  Although I woulda loved to see either HIGGINS or Noke in As Middleweights.  I believe the IRWIN hook up could work on a larger scale in the US.  perhaps S4 and Aussie syndication could see that happen.  Pommy tie in is nice.  I'd imagine UK syndication???



No challenge - This is a big gamble IMO as it ewas good TV and often let team mates build heat with each other for slacking.

Coin Toss - I hate it, I know it's only early but the first match was a perfect eg.  The match blew dog!!  Essentially for those unaware.  Coin tossed Ken wins and matchmade his stud v there Banana.  Seeing Ken won he now holds the 'hammer' and picks the next match.  I don't like this.  Imagine a spartan v XFC show where I picked the matches putting the likes of hector & Schaffa (hypothetically) against VERY novice fighters =  beatdowns which I 'think' most viewers would find exciting but nowhere near the viewing pleasure of a stellar matchup. 

GRANTED they are doing it in the format where everyone fights, so it may backstab in the semi's etc...  Will see how it pans out.  Also may lead to Ken going 4-0 and tito steaming, which could be good TV.


I think its gonna be very interesting and good viewing, the good old censor 'Bleeping' is a pain as there are a few cursing machines in the show, Dana leading the way.


Would love to hear the thoughts of others.



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It's looking better than Season 2 so far. I like the genuine drama angle
between Ken & Tito, miss the "challenge" stuff they used to have and
yes..I hope the deaf guy takes it too. He actually has the heart for it
too. Can't wait for next week.

Oh yeah,..UFN 4 was a bit boring really wasn't it?

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UFN 4 sucked, only thing i enjoyed was seeing Josh Neer win. All it did was show the real difference between the majority of the TUF competitors and the real UFC fighters. Forrest Griffin is a world above those guys

TUF 3 was enjoyable and looks alot better than 2, some drama will add to it and losing the stupid challenges is a good option. I hope they show more of the guys training and what they actually do to prepare for a fight, it will help to educate the viewers on how hard it is to actualyl step up and fight. after all it is the ultimate fighter not survivor.

I thought it was a great opening, cant get enough of tito and ken in the same room.

Getting rid of the challenges should give us another 10 mins of training type footage per episode, hope they dont fill it with household antics crap.

Love the deaf guys attitude too, hope he goes well.

I haven't seen TUN UFN4. I heard the Bonnar dec. was attrocious (sp?).

Also I was told STEVENSON'S fight was at 185. Anyone????

He was a good fighter at 155 pre UFC.


Tito will make many new fans due to this series.

Dan Freeman should not be on the show and was made to look stupid. All
respect to BB and there are exceptions, but I think strength programs,
nutrition and conditioning is best left up to more qualified people.

The opening when Dana chats to Ken and Tito looked so rehearsed it was

I thought Jardine took it too.

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anyone else seen episode 2 yet?

tito was crazy making them train 24hrs before a fight. murphys law always rears its ugly head

jesse looked good, and messed up by not being able to defend or see that sub coming.

i agreed with ken about his teams lacklustre training, it was in poor taste to not respect his authority by kalib tho, dont back talk, just listen

i think it is already much better than series 2. they are trying to make things a little more dramatic, but on the upside they are showing more of the guys training.

Noah did well, i thought he was gona get hammered because of his foot. i think next week the tension between tito and ken will fire up. tito will not be able to help himslef and rub it into kens face that they won

Haha cannot wait for next week either, I am waiting to see the episode with that gym scene they show in the opener when Ken loses it. I dont like kens training system yet but I agree, at least he didnt have his fighter doing drills the night before the fight. I thought in the fight Jesse should have grabbed that ankle while Noah was on his back kicking up and just man handled it.

Laugh at Bispring too "at least I got my spaghetti"

I just look at Ken now and think he looks like a guy who has been beat up
too much, he just does not seem too with it anymore and seems like
some old relative that just rants about not much. He seems to be more
about bravado andtalking things up then actually doing anything useful.
He has a guy in there who is in clear danger and you can't hear him give
any good advice to defend it.

Tito is coming off looking really good, I don't know what the chances of
getting hurt doing such an easy drill would be, but I guess as someone
said Murphey's law.

Team Dagger, like wtf! this isnt survivor you know. otherwise pretty funny episode, there are some nutters in that house!

yeah, team dagger was walking a fine line between funny and outright

Ross was hard as nails (so many elbows and knees) but tubborn as a
mule. I wonder if Tito knew about the Kendal/Solomon pact when he got
him up to big bear to help him ttrain.

Ken just looks dumber every week, so sad.

I am going to miss Ross, he had that soccer hooligan mentality, "im gonna smash him" style. Solomon is just as crazy though.

Ken is so old and his style is starting to show. Tito seems smarter than I expected haha.

Ive watched ep1 and ep2 thus far.
Tito is coming across as all class. This will do his ratings well. He seems like a smart, genuine guy.

Still think Ken getting the big 'juice pig' in was a silly move for an assistant coach .. surely a good submission guy would have been a wiser move.

ken rules i wanted him to go undefeated but they were being asses so i was glad to see noah get the W

lol at them all talking crap about his standup that 1..2 was right on the button and the young guy wanted no part of it loving this season so far!

Tito has many admirable qualities, but... Intelligence is not one of them. His training methods are sound, however, don't think he'll win the pulitzer for literature any time soon

He is a great guy though. You can see his nature is truelly & genuinely a very caring person. Which is why he probably took stuff to heart about Randy coaching Forrest.

I like the guy a LOT and would have loved to be on his team as a fighter.

Ken, well I wish I was his mate and I coulda gotta gig on the show too ;)

And karelin fan re. that "fine line" between funny and outright idiotic. i think it's called GAY! :P


Justin, yes upon revisiting said episode, I tend to agree with that