The tv show "Naked Attraction"

It seems they really try to encourage the contestants to not body shame or do any type of shaming on the show.

A recent episode the guy said that he’s not been with a woman as curvy as the girl in the green platform, but that he wouldn’t rule it out. Then when it was time to pick one to remove, he picked her and said he didn’t feel comfortable going out of his comfort zone. That’s a super nice way of saying you’re too fat for me.

It’s funny the host asks the losing contestant if they would have chosen the other person for a date, sometimes they’ll still say yes but other times(and this mostly is with the rejected women) they will be scornful that they got eliminated so they’ll say they weren’t their type anyway.

anya the chooser in ep 2 was legit hot, particularly body

funny when they pretend its such a hard decision, but u can tell theyve already chosen

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you mean like the way people arent born with an appendix anymore

Lol at the OG talking about penises the whole thread. Any hot women on the show. I don’t give a shit what the dudes dicks look like