The Twister/ Easter eggs?

I cannot find my hidden easter eggs on The Twister DVD. Anyone know where they are? Would you explain how to find them?

those of you who don't have it/ haven't seen it - it's a very good DVD. Entertaining commentary, and seeing Eddie move up the belt rankings to the top makes you want to train more!

  1. Go to scene selections and highlight the Eddie/Royler match.

    Don't do anything else, just leave it highlighted for a minute and

    one them will start from there.

  2. Again from the scene selections, highlight Thick and Meaty.

    Leave it on for about 1 min 45 seconds and another will pop up.

  3. For the last 3 go to the Bonus Area section. You will see an

    arrow, highlight it. Once the arrow is highlighted push the follow

    buttons in this sequence: down, left left left, enter. You will then

    come to a screen with Jeopardy music playing and a bunch of

    dots. Highlight the 4th dot from the left on top and hit enter, that

    is one. Highlight the last dot on the bottom row, that is two.

    Finally on the top row, move the cursor all the way to the left until

    it is off the screen. Hit enter and that will be the third one. Good

    luck and enjoy!


Fantastic! Thanks a lot for that. I have no idea how you (or whoever told you) knew how to find these links but I am really pleased you've told me.

Looking forward to checking them out later



I found them all with help from the forums, but what is the point of even having them? I'm not trying to sound like a di*k but I don't see the fun of going through some process in order to watch something on the DVD.