The UFC Has a Brief Window to Make History Again

The Conor McGregor fight and it's spillover, Halo Effect on the epic UFC 189 gave everyone a taste of something that reached beyond the routine...

The UFC now has a brief window to LEAP on getting Fedor and, hopefully, St. Pierre back onto the world stage for more epic matches as they play "beat the clock" with Father Time.

One glaring strength between Conor, Fedor and George is their international intrigue, universal appeal and enduring mystique...

Will the UFC putz around, business as usual, in indecisiveness and politics while history slips through their fingers like the sun on the horizon at dusk?

These are suns in our sky whose light shines bright--but briefly...

Great is the Moon.

Great are the Stars.

Great is the Sun:

I agree 100%, hopefully they just bury their ego and give Fedor what he wants.

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