The UFC is Doing...

George St. Pierre a favor by giving him a tough opp. in his next fight.

Koschek is a very dangerous match-up for him and I think he'll benefit from a tough opponent rather than facing a walk thru to build up his confidence again.

Example: Florian lost to Sherk and they give him a 1st timer, that's just dumb.

Florian should have fought some one whose a contender, not a guy who is having his first UFC experience (even tho the fighter was tough, and put up a fight).

Koschek matches up well athletically w/ George, so I am looking foward to this fight, and I think it'll be the fight of the night.

Whoever wins this will be the next champ (after Hughes).

Looking forward to it.

i agree!

^ U smokin' up right now, puttin' people in the Rubber Guard? :)

GSP by KO or CO.


kosh has a great chance. it would suck to see georges lose but there a a good chance it will happen.

to the top! No easy fights!

Let's see how GSP's sprawl(which is fucking really good) matches up against Koscheck's superior wrestling skills.

Looking forward to this fight!

this fight has me stoked

Me too. Very interesting contrast in styles.

Was not a kos fan until his last fight...his game has definately gone beyond great wrestler with heart. I think this is a real interesting matchup. No picks on this one-MM