The UFC is only as good as it's last event

Like the old adage about fighters, it seems fair weather fans think the same way about UFC products.

Shogun vs Vera was an amazing event and pretty much dispelled all the criticism about point fighting etc that had been brought up here.

Then we have a card that includes some fighters that are well known not to be as exciting, and all of a sudden the UFC is all about point fighting again, Pride this and that, bla bla bla.

I can't wait until the next good card so we can get away from this fair weather bullshit.

I'm split on the Ufc.. Phone Post

The fighters are what makes the fight, not the brand.

I agree Phone Post

Its most just about blasting the UFC. the next 6 events can be awesome, best stretch in mma history but the 7th event is terrible and all you will see is how the UFC is shit and point fighting and how the cards are weak and too many events and its watered down. Just completely ignoring the run of good events.


Someone will always bring up Pride because it really was that much fun to watch but you're right--Shogun vs. Vera should have bought the UFC a little more goodwill with the fans.