The UFC is really going downhill

I have been a fan since the very beginning. I was a boxer for years and really enjoyed the sport as it evolved.

I don't post a lot but I spend too much time ron this forum
The recent decisions
The TUF show
The Sell sex instead of making woman's MMA legit

I am sure nobody gives a shit but it is becoming a joke
It is getting pretty dam close to Pro Wrestling

The title fight was not the only one that looked suspect to me.

All that said You can't blame GSP for the decision. How many of you fighters think they have one fights and did not. The judges are out of control.


I haven't watched much lately but heard Dana blows goats now Phone Post 3.0

Ufc peaked at sonnen silva 2 Phone Post 3.0

its why I don't pay for the crap anymore.

Garbage judging, point fighting, and boxing-esque matchmaking.   

The only fight I've ever thought was fishy was Evans and Sonnen, but that would have been between those two, not the organization.

MMA in general seems to be going through some difficulties.

I do wish they'd try attracting new fans in a different way. Phone Post 3.0

The UFC is making more profit and is shown to more people in more countries than ever before. Dana White is doing an outstanding job and is the consummate professional, who only has the fighters best interest ay heart.
If you dont appreciate what a great job he and everybody at Zuffa is doing feel free to stop watching, the UFC doesnt need your money.


PS I am the Zuffa bukakke girl.

I look forward to the day UFC fighters are required to pass random, WADA-accredited drug testing before they can perform in the Octagon.

UFC is not sexual using the girls Phone Post

Great event. The naysaying will never go away. Phone Post 3.0

IMO, it hasn't been better.

I think the most exciting thing is that the contender's built-up in the post-TUF I era are now on their last legs and retiring, and an entirely new generation of even more talented, more athletically gifted fighters are emerging.

The star power has diminished quite a bit, with no Randy, no Chuck, no Matt Hughes, etc. but the level of competition gets better and better and, as time goes by, Jones, Pettis, Aldo, etc. will emerge with public profiles to match their in-cage talents.

pegson123 - UFC is not sexual using the girls Phone Post

This.  Maybe he thinks Ronda and Tate doing ESPN body issue or posing in Fitness mag is using them.  Not saying girls being pretty doesnt help them and the UFC but they are def not exploiting the females in any way.

Yeah, yeah, down hill.

Whatever. Was so much better with six cards a year.

Fuck off. Phone Post 3.0

Chulio -
The recent decisions
The TUF show
The Sell sex instead of making woman's MMA legit

I agree some of the recent decisions are bad but the UFC has no control over that other than publicly complaining (which they do) or blackballing a market (which is an extreme response that at best would result in a modest payoff).

Without TUF there'd be no UFC, but assuming you just mean the recent seasons, I know the current season is polarizing (I think it's decent even if few fights have gone the way I wanted them to), but most people agree Season 17 was among the best ever, and it's a staple program for them. You could argue it needs to be overhauled but I don't see it disappearing. Season 18 having female coaches and both male and female competitors was already a radical change to the status quo, so it seems like they're trying.

I have no idea what you're talking about when you say the "Sex sells" thing. They've been pretty tasteful about this, and it's not like the UFC decides whether Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate pose for Maxim or ESPN Magazine. They've also been pretty fair with their signings when it comes to talent. Not every woman they've signed looks like a model, or even close, and there's only been one signing that's been a total headscratcher (Albu).

All that being said, it does seem like a lot of people have been burning out on the UFC, and the move to a semi-obscure channel has eroded a lot of their domestic fanbase (for now).

I do stand corrected on the sex sells because as pointed out the UFC is not doing this.

The TUF season with Jones and Sonnen was the best in years in my opinion but my younger friends did not like it.

Bigger and making more money is true. See I knew I did not know what the hell I was talking about.

There was a little restaurant near my house had the best Mexican food ever, The got bigger and bigger and started steam tabling food. Now they are bigger and more successful but the product sucks