The UFC is to blame for the ruining of T Ferg

I would blame TFerg for his fighting style.

How many fights out of the 12 fight win streak was he losing after round 1? How many of those fights was he rocked or dropped early only to come back and win via sheer toughness? A more defensive style adds longevity to a career.

By what could have been his 13th win in a row, i told my buddy that he doesnt have “it” anymore. Chin is shot, gas tank is getting suspect, his defense consisted of smiling and moving forward.

UFC gave him the highest paying fights with the highest ranked fighters because they heard from Tony and the fans that Ferg got fucked out of being the true LW champ.

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How fucking sad

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Sometimes I’m ok


Should be an asterisk next to the entry on his record. Bobby Green’s eye poke won him that fight.


He actually began to slow down noticeably in the Cerrone fight, not the Justin fight.

Sure. Fighting in general isnt to blame.

Looks like time for Tony vs Clay Guida. Claudio Puelles or Jim Miller could be fun fight.

Ufc 300

Greens a dirty fighter right after Tony drops him he pokes him in the eye and that changed the fight

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Tony looked like a spent fighter that had nothing to offer Green. Sad.

I actually heard Green say after the fight that he would love to fight Jim Miller at 300.

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Well some other guys get called the GOAT for that kind of thing, just saying.

That eyepoke wasn’t what made Tony drop to his back in the 2nd round and get obliterated by hammerfists. The UFC gave Tony an easy fight against a mediocre opponent and he still got his ass kicked. Tony is simply a peluca at this point.

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Between the eye poke and end of the rd green landed a lot, glad he didn’t headbutt him too

That eye poke is what allowed Green time to recover in the first round. That eye poke is what affected Tony’s vision to the extent that even the announcers were commenting on Tony’s inability to evade Green’s left hand afterwards.

You have no idea what you’re talking about.

The only person to blame for Tony’s situation is himself. And whoever ran that AV cable that injured his knee

Think how bad Li Jingaling would have fucked him up

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Once you reach that top tier fighter and get top tier fighter contract, you don’t get easy fights. If the ufc gives him an easy fight, should they pay him “easy fight” money?

He’s had a much stronger schedule than Islam