The UFC monopoly

The UFC is nearly entirely responsible for the evolution of MMA. MMA's popularity has grown its fan base, sponsor base, and, in turn, fighter wealth. I can say this without the shadow of a doubt (my opinion, of course).

This does little to minimize the fact that the UFC has bought out all of its major competitors. The side effects of this are tremendous. Fighters without an alternative way to make a living will fight "safe" to get W's and stay on the roster. Fighter's have minimized leveraged in disputes and can be cut at will without a viable alternative to employment (reference sentence 1 of this paragraph).

Fact is, I could go on. Watering down these cards repeatedly because of the fear of no repercussion of product retaliation is sad. Ok, I wont go on.

Im just saying. MMA will grow. It will become a household sport someday. There is just no possibility it will happen with UFC as the only major brand. No major sport has survived without a union (my username should tell you how I feel about that). Any MMA union would increase fighter pay and then further decrease card quality. Fact.

Conclusion: The only fan friendly way for MMA to continue its growth is to have other viable promotions which would increase fight quality (decrease safety fighting) and prevent unionization (to prevent card quality decline).

Otherwise, PPV prices will go up, card quality down, fight quality down.