The UFC needs more super fights, and has for years

We need more Jones vs. JDS/GSP vs. Anderson types of fights. And I know these fights can harm a star's drawing power if he loses, but the solution isn't to never hold these super fights like we see now, rather just use them sparingly when needed. Is there anyone here who'd rather see Chael fight Anderson again and not Bones or GSP fight the Spider instead?

Agreed. Id much rather see Aldo/Edgar and Benson/Diaz then Edgar/Benson 2 and Aldo/Koch

BJ vs GSP 2 was HUGE!! The fans benefit from these type of fights! Phone Post

I think Chael vs Andersson 2 is quite close to a superfight but I agree with your point.

UFC should have 2-3 mega cards every year, held in large arenas with mega crowds. Normal PPV fee should be 20 bucks less and then a higher fee for these super events.

just my 2 cents.

 i agree 100 percent.  super fights were the best.  shamrock vs gracie, shamrock vs severn...

the problem is, that is when ufc was a fight, now it's a sport.  Guys won't risk their rep on a super fight anymore.  They just want the cheddar and the title fight in their division.  Shamrock vs gracie was a lhw vs a ww and guys aren't whilling to do that anymore.

let jones fight jds or anderson fight gsp or even edgar vs aldo would be pretty sick.

overeem vs lesnar wasn't a super fight so to speak, but that was the type of vibe a super fight should have.

sorry for the frat and ramble, but great idea, love super fights.  (hoping i don't get sued by SFL for saying super fight so many times)

 shogun vs hendo was a good one as well.