The UFC needs to make more roster cuts

There are so many fighters in the UFC now it's hard to remember where each stands in their respective weight division. I hadn't realised Gouveia had racked a winning streak and recently beat Lambert, now Reljic has put an end to that. There's just so much for a fan to follow.

Plus, they've got a bunch of under utilised fighters who would probably better suited to the WEC. There are fighters who haven't appeared in ages. Then there is Clementi who appears on every card!

I sometimes think the UFC is dilluting their product by having to cater for so many fighters. The WEC should be the qualifying ground for the UFC, and the UFC should concentrate on providing main events and meaningful fights between fighters on winning streaks and contenders.

Matching up fighters enjoying a winning streak with a fighter that recently lost or is making their debut is a wasted opportunity. A totally pointless exercise.

From 84 I would suggest Tan, Etim and Wellisch.

Nakamura is awful

stuvelo - Nakamura is awful
Pretty sure he's done fighting for Zuffa.

The UFC signs fighters up just to tie them up and take them off the market. They use them for filler and spread out the fights of the big stars so that guys like Hughes and Chuck only fight twice a year...

 They can start by cutting Kendal Grove and Evan Tanner so we can get a better main event.

stuvelo - Nakamura is awful

Oh yeah....he's just terrible.....

Going back three years he's fought guys like Wandy, Josh Barnett, Machida, Soku, Shogun, Nakao, Igor Vov and he's only been cleanly finished twice. His last three fight just happen to be against Top 5/Top10 quality 205lbs. fighters and he is UNDERSIZED at 205

Nakamura deserves another shot at 185, guy has never been given any breaks. His first 2 fights in UFC were against Machida and Sokoudjou, compare that with most guys UFC bring in.

The number of cards they do a year, the more the better. Everyone cannot be champion, and you dont want your ranks wearing thin.

Yeah, if you are piss poor a couple of times in a row like Nakamura, then show them the door. Otherwise if you lose but gave a good showing or just got caught early, why not ask them back to fill in a prelim?

"Nakamura is awful"

Wow, since when did wins over Daniel Gracie, Kevin Randleman, Igor Vov, Murillo Bustamante, Yuki Kondo and Evangelista Santos qualify one as "awful".

The guy had two VERY difficult opponents for his only two UFC matches -- and he's way undersized. Give him a shot at 185!

If nothing else, keeping him on the roster keeps him out of competing org. DREAM, where he would be a huge draw in Japan.

Nakamura has been less than impressive. He mostly dances around and offers no offense. True, he's had tough oppositiion but he hasn't put up a fight yet.

What happened prior to being in the UFC doesn't justify keeping him on now, at 20K per showing. Look what happened with Cro-Cop.

He'd be better off fighting on Dream or Sengoku.