The UFC should bring BAbalu back

I honestly believe that Babalu would fit into the LHW picture very well. He could for sure compete with these guys. His record speaks for itself, and the Chuck fight would be close 9 times out of 10, it just wasnt his day at UFC 40.

I agree. Bring back Babalu.

He's definitely on the list of fighters that should be back in the UFC.



how about rear naked chocke sensation Erik Apple. When will he get his UFC shot. is the world really ready for the "Tat"

I would like to see babalu back as well.He is always an exciting fighter(except for the Smith fight) and would be an assett to teh LHW picture.

maybe i could fight a "trekkie"



That would be a better matchup style-wise than the football player and basketball player :)


I agree, and from the sounds of things his ground game is improving a LOT with the new team.

There are a lot of good matchups for Renato Sobral in the UFC.

I hope they bring him back soon.

I think Babalu should be in Pride.

But, hey, he's not in either, which is a total shame.

I would love for the UFC to have Babalu back, he is an awesome fighter.

They should bring him in to fight Franklin with the winner facing Ortiz and going on for a possible title shot.

I think he will always have trouble with Liddell though, just not a good matchup for him style wise.

ttt for babalu

he is fighting cyril diabete or whatever his name is

How about "Ace" vs "Babalu"?

TTT for Babalu back in the UFC

i hear they are gonna have rich fight tito

Yes, Babalu should be in either the UFC or Pride.