The UFC that SHOULD be on Sat

This Sat, 11-18-06, the lemmings of MMA fandom will be watching the UFC. Between now and then there will be many posts as "Who Will Win?" this clash of rivals. Will it be Hughes? Will it be GSP? Excitement will be generated and name calling will ensue. Oh, the drama! Like women who watch Oprah Winfrey, the UFC fans will tune into this very important clash! I will not be one of them.

Hughes will win. But that's not my point.

The fight that UFC fans should be tuning into this weekend is one that is not airing. Instead of being force-fed Hughes vs. GSP, we should be feasting on Hughes vs. Diego Sanchez. Why the Sanchez/Hughes fight is not happening is an absolute mystery to me. Sanchez is 16-0, folks. St. Pierre is 12-1. Can somebody explain this? The UFC will not be getting my money this weekend. UFC fans deserve better. UFC fans should know better. And UFC fans should be demanding more for their dollars.

Shut up. Thats why.

It's simple, St Pierre has faced far better competition than Diego

Now, go learn something about the sport

There's a good boy


Diego was actually offered the fight but God told him it was not his time. Then him and god went to the AM PM and got two jalapeno corndog's and diego got a diet dr pepper and god got a strawberry kiwi propel.

Diego is being protected by the UFC. End of thread.

OOOHHH the BCS has come to MMA!! I get it.

OK. Sorry. I didn't know. GSP has beaten that veritable list of who's who fighters and household names. There's Trigg, Penn, and I saw Spratt in Vegas on Saturday night. I'll let someone else run with the rest of the list and let them tell me what tough cometition they were for GSP and how Sanchez would have lost to them. Go ahead.

GSP would own diego and he has a legit shot at hughes... the most credible person diego beat was Karo, and had Karo worked on his cardio a little better he would have ended his winning streak... GSP dominated Karo... need I go on?

Didn't I say name calling would ensue? I didn't think it be this soon, though. No, I'm not Sanchez's hairstylist. That would require education, which i don't have. I barely made it throught the 6th grade. But I'm smart enough to know when the best fighter isn't fighting for the title. You're going to waste your money on that fight aren't you bryan?

Actually, this PPV is supposed to be Silva vs Liddell.

(Heavy sigh)

Logan, different weight class. It's ok, man.

i think he is refering to Wandy not Anderson

do us a favor and dont watch.Id much rather see GSP than Diego.Diego will get his shot after Serra

GSP - Hughes

GSP - Serra

GSP - Hughes 3

GSP - Diego

LOL, you really think Diego is the best fighter? Shit I thought you were tired of the UFC protecting him and are ready for him to face real competition in his weight division. LOFL @ me.

"Diego will get his shot after Serra"

He should be getting his shot now.

"GSP - Hughes
GSP - Serra

GSP - Hughes 3

GSP - Diego"

DeJay I hope that happens. But here's what may happen.

GSP(12-1) vs. Hughes (40-4)

Hughes (41-4) vs. Serra(7-4)

Hughes (42-4) vs. Sanchez

Hughes-Sanchez. MAYBE. If Hughes doesn't retire. Does an exciting fighter with great cardio ands a 16-0 record not deserve a shot at the title as soon as he deserves one and not wait what? A year?

His new shaved head look makes him look like the freaky psycho
neighbour that keeps kids locked in his basement

OK, win me over, guys. Convince me I'm wrong. Please, convince me I'm wrong and I'll buy the fight Sat night. But so far I've heard nothing to make me believe I'm mistaken. I've heard an unconvincing arguement that GSP's record was tougher than Sanchez's and that he's creepy/weird. (Probably true. But I'm weird too. And he is from NM, ya know? The whole Roswell thing.) Is that it? That's all you guys got?

Otherwise protest with me and don't buy this fight!

i will buy it because I've been waiting to see this rematch since the 1st time they fought. I would also pay to see deigo get crushed but I can wait.

How is he going to beat the top guys again? He could hardly take down Alessio.....
meh.. on 2nd thought I dont' care because Diego is a guy I like to watch fight so I can root against him.

Good fighter but I want to see him lose. his time will come soon.

"you are an idiot."

Again with the name calling. Always the sign of a great arguement to follow.

"st. pierre has the potential to be a champ for a long time."

Huh? Champ for a long time? As opposed to who? Hughes or Sanchez?

"diego has huge potential but they don't want another franjklin/quarry and are protecting him "

I ask for an arguement and this is what I get. Again with the potential word. SANCHEZ is 16 and a goose egg. (16-0!!!!) It's not potential. It's what his record is!

Snaphook, I'm going to give you an "A" in participation today, but an "C-" for clarity.