The UFC that SHOULD be on Sat

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I've been looking forward to GSP vs Hughes for a long time, so I will buy the UFC this sat.

I would pay to see Diego get crushed on any card but I'd rather see GSP vs Hughes 1st. So Diego not fighting GSP doesn't bother me and I can wait to see Diego get beat.

I want a new grade!

dude, GSP got bloodied by BJ, and did not convincingly win that fight, AT ALL. If he can't handle Hughes'..again...then he won't be anything for a long while. And I like him. Hughes is a condescending douche, he looks like Hanover from Heavy Metal the Movie.

I would like to see Diego against these guys...once God tells him he's ready. :)


All right, snaphook, "A" for both. Way to go. But you're WRONG.

I'm going to TTT my own post until Saturday night unless somebody can convince me that this Saturday's UFC is absolutely correct and we should not be watching Hughes (40-4!!! for crying out loud. The mman can't fight forever, people) vs Sanchez (16-0!!!!!)

The only thing that should count is who he has fought and beaten, GSP has fought and beaten better fighters than Diego has so GSP deserves the shot more, it's that simple.

If you don't wanna buy it because of your perception of Diego's skills based on him beating mostly mediocre opponents, that's find, you go ahead and don't buy the PPV. But realize that your perception of his skills have nothing to do with getting a title shot, actual proof in the octagon is what counts.


Ok, Droc. Again, Sanchez 16-0. Sanchez beat Kenny "Ken Flo" Florian (4-3) who most recently lost a decision to, now champ, Sherk. Sanchez beat Nick Diaz (13-3 now) who lost a decision to Sherk. Sanchez beat Karo Parisyan (15-4). Parysian beat who? OH, here it is, Chris LYTLE AND MATT SERRA(!) who's getting a title shot.

Puh-lease. Just tell me I'm right. We really SHOULD be watching Hughes vs. Sanchez this Saturday night.

Because GSP was signed to fight Hughes again before Sanchez started looking like a title prospect. Injuries have meant that the fight was delayed however, Sanchez just needs to get in line.

Meanwhile, GSP was in the UFC after his fifth (5th) MMA victory and beat who? (5th victory???!!! Who had the connection there???) Kenny Florian. On a DECISION. Tell me again we shouldn't be watching Hughes/Sanchez this Saturday night. Why should we, the fans, have to wait while they sell us on the Hughes/GSP fight? OOOooo who will win? "Matt Hughes I'm not impressed with your performance" STAGED!!!! I'm not gonna buy it and, you, gentle reader, shouldn't either!!!

"Because GSP was signed to fight Hughes again before Sanchez started looking like a title prospect"

Really? When was Hughes vs. GSP II signed? After Hughes beat BJ Penn? Or after Penn lost to GSP? Whenever it was it was too early! Bad decision on someone's part, if it's true.

And, what were they afraid GSP was going to fight somewhere else? Like he wouldn't be looking for a re-match with Hughes?

Or they didn't know TUF was filming and the winner was going to get a title shot? Come on.

And at what point, in your view CockneyBlue, or anyone else's, did Sanchez start looking like a title prospect?

"All right, snaphook, "A" for both. Way to go"

Whew...... all is right with the world now.

I'll let you know how the UFC goes this Sat. :)

Your boy will get a turn and soon hopefully because I am serious about wanting to see him fight. I have to give him credit he proves himself in almost every fight.

"Meanwhile, GSP was in the UFC after his fifth (5th)
MMA victory and beat who? (5th victory???!!! Who had
the connection there???) Kenny Florian. On a

Either I'm reading this wrong, or you're a little
mixed up.

At what point should an undefeated fighter get an automatic title shot?



Ok, snaphook, I'll be looking for your post Sat night.

Now people I'm going to give you a spoiler so don't read any further if you're wondering what's going to happen: Hughes beats GSP, again. Hughes("a bit of a d@#$") beats Serra, darn it. But 'ol Diego Sanchez (I honestly don't like him either. Saw him grapple once and he was not cool to people AT ALL, but damn good.) is going to beat Matt Hughes. If Hughes doesn't retire (possibly as a play for more money, or running from Sanchez) prior to that fight. I'm honestly afraid Hughes is going to retire before getting beaten.

If I'm wrong I'll throw the crow in the microwave and crack a cone to wash it down.

"Meanwhile, GSP was in the UFC after his fifth (5th) MMA victory and beat who? (5th victory???!!! Who had the connection there???) Kenny Florian. On a DECISION."
Either I'm reading this wrong, or you're a little mixed up.

You're right, artvanderlei. GSP's 5th fight was in the UFC against Karo Parysian.

OK, in answer to your question, he looked like a contender after beating Karo (his second UFC fight).

This was after Hughes vs GSP was signed, GSP had earned the right to the fight by beating the other top contender (and at the time, the guy who in some people's minds should still have the belt) BJ Penn.

When do you think that Diego earned his title shot? When he beat a fighter with a losing UFC record in his first UFC fight? Or when he beat a 155 fighter in the TUF final? OR maybe before he had even fought in the UFC??

To get a title shot you normally have to win a couple of fights in the UFC to prove that you can deliver in the UFC. Sanchez is unlucky that there is also the Serra fight to wait for but hell, he's not going to get any worse by waiting 3-4 months.

Now that was a good arguement. Irule gets A++++.

Besides Diego said he was not ready for a title shot. I believe him over anyone else.

LOL @ Diego deserving this more than GSP.

Diego is going to be soon in line, no doubt about it, but there is absolutly no discussing who is the #1 contender at this point... none.

IRule just put this thread to bed. falconeddie, you cannot rebut his points as they were made with your criteria.

BTW, GSP beat Sherk by TKO. Whatever that convoluted shit you were trying to put through backfired.

The only person Diego has beaten who was ever in title contention is Karo Parysian. GSP beat Karo as well, along with Trigg(nearly Ko'd Hughes), Sherk(went 5 rounds with Hughes), BJ penn (Choked Hughes out), as well as honorable metions in defeatign a list of other guys.

Diego hasn't faced the caliber of competition to deserve a title shot, the majority of his wins are against non UFC caliber fighters.

GSP is the clear #1 contender in the UFC. Diego if he were to fight and beat trigg, Penn, SHerk or GSP/hughes might be the next in line...


I think Georges deserves his title shot right now, but
I also think that Diego's a little underrated by most
here (bizarre anti-TUF bias, maybe?). Diego has
basically crushed everyone put in front of him, with
the exception of Karo (for about a round) and Allessio (bad style matchup -- just an observation,
not an "excuse"), who spent about thirteen minutes
running from the fight.

And I'm more impressed with Diego's last three wins,
than Georges', actually. Nick and Karo are legitimate
top 10 WW's in a STACKED division. Nick was a huge
step up in MMA competition for Diego, and he just
grinded out a win in a fight-of-the-year caliber
performance, fighting through a cut and main-event
pressure on cable TV. With Karo it was more of the
same grit, and an even more dominating performance
(Karo's tooth flying through the air was like an
exclamation point). One more round and Diego
probably would've finished him.

And then there's the Allessio fight. How many times
have we watched high level grapplers simply shut down
and give up when dealing with a kickboxer they have no
chance of taking down? Diego just kept pushing,
and basically won this fight on determination alone.
To me that's impressive.

Now, Georges has obviously fought the tougher
opposition over the course of his career (TKO'd Ivan
Menjivar in his debut!), as almost every win on his
ledger has come against a "name" opponent. But as
for his last three:

  • BJ Penn -- Yes, he has one of the most memorable
    wins in recent times over Hughes (a loss Hughes
    decisively avenged), and truly is a "prodigy", but he
    is a blown up LW. Yes, he hasn't fought there in
    years, but he was basically a LW against Hughes.
    166 pounds? Without a cut? BJ is a LW.

  • Sean Sherk -- Blown up LW. Yeah, yeah, great
    numbers in the win-loss columns, but his best
    performances at WW were against a teenage Karo (wins)
    and Matt Hughes (a decisive loss). He BARELY beat a
    slumping Nick Diaz, and if Nick simply would've
    changed his gameplan of BARELY sprawling and (then
    losing the) brawling, I think Nick could've easily won
    this fight. He swept Sherk after like, what, five or
    seconds on the mat? And then he still wanted to
    brawl? (d'oh!).

  • Frank Trigg -- 3-4 in his last 7 outings. Given,
    two of those losses were to Hughes (and one to
    St. Pierre), but every one of these losses were
    submissions, and every one of these submissions
    occurred in the first round. He's got GLARING
    holes in his submission game. Like Hammer House
    sized holes. He was impressive back in the day, but
    the ONLY modern top-ranked guy he had beaten prior
    to the GSP "b-class fighter" debacle was Renato
    Verissimo (another guy who seems to have fallen off
    the cliff).

I mean, these wins were GOOD, solid wins, and, as
someone pointed out, their combined records are
better than Nick-Allessio-Karo's, but Nick (at the
time) and Karo were/are TOP guys, and Diego's
performances were fantastic. Nick and Karo are
fighters that other top WW's would tend to fight with
a "conservative" gameplan. Not Diego. He went tooth
and nail with these guys. And a tooth literally went

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