The UGC Drama

First off I want to thank all the guys who helped me prepared for this I know It takes a lot to sacrifice the time and body to help someone else get ready and for that I am really grateful. A lot of people were involved but I especially want to thank my mentor in the fight game Phillip Gelinas of G.A.M.M.A. This man has helped my more times than I can count and rarely asked for anything in return if you have the chance to train in montreal go to his gym you will not be disappointed. Also Mr Yan Pellerin I don't really know the guy but after my fight for some crazy reason everyone thought I was going to get mobbed by the fans ? but Pellerin was really cool kinda hanging off my shoulder to make sure I was safe.. lol I tried to tell him it was cool and he could got but the mane was ready for action.. Great guy.. Thanks for looking out bro.. I would type in French but I dont know how so I wont try but if anyone knows him give him my thanks.

In terms of the fight I really enjoyed the venue and Mr Charles Nestor's attempt to make the best presentation possible. Let me tell you the guys in Quebec have it good. A show like that could go down every few weeks and the attendance was great. The fights entertaining some so called upsets went down but all in all the fights were great.

My fight went according to plan I established a position to do damage and did when the opportunity came up. Some people were visibly upset about the fight and in hindsight I can see the ref may have been a bit late in the stop but from my vantage point in cross side I didn't have a good view of my opponents facial expression or body position to see he was out after the first few shots and out of instinct I don't stop until its clearly over so I continued the forearms until the Ref did his job. This was nothing personal against Marcus, and I would never try to excessively hurt another competitor. Marcus is a classy guy and he had a great attitude the whole weekend leading up to the fight. We are in the same boat just trying to fight, win and improve over time, this time I won next could easily be his turn. . I hope Marcus is doing well and he has no serious injuries from the whole affair. As I said after the fight I will come to check you out when I am in Montreal.

With all the drama after the fight with me and Fritz I can understand his view in that someone just beat his friend and now he want to fight... what I didn't get at the time was his way of expressing this LOL.. But hey it's the fight game and tempers flare so we had our little pro-wrestling scuffle in the ring and backstage we talked it out like men no Beef at all. In the future it will be an honor to face Fritz "the current UGC champion" or any other competitors in my division at this show.

A lot of fans saw it my way a lot his way but all in all we were both wrong to get into Street fight like activity in the ring in front of the commission and perhaps most importantly those kids that Mr Nestor had at the show. Not at all the example I want to set for those guys and for that I want to say sorry.

Thanks again to all the crew in Montreal and T.O and I will be back to do fight again.

congrats bro you worked hard and it paid off.

You are, as always, too kind. It is a pleasure seeing a craftsman such as yourself working in your chosen field of endeavour. It would be a pleasure to corner you again, anytime.

See you soon.

Congrats Mr Patrick

I will say your thanks has yan pellerin!


good post ...and congrats!


TTT Congrats! and Classy post.


Great fight there buddy.

Nice post Claude and congrats again. See u tomorrow.

Pellerin is a great guy and i wish him the best..

Phillip once you start with me there is no way the good cop / bad cop combo of you and fabio is a nice

nice classy post