The ultimate act of male dominance

Nothing proves male on male dominance better than the crane stance. Anyone can get caught with a lucky move and be koed or submitted. But, when another man stands in front of you in the middle of a fight and does the crane, you know you have been beaten.

What say you?

truer words have never been spoken!

ttt for the peoples mod!!

You're  back!!! 

But, but but I thought..... oh sheesh, never mind. Glad your back Joker!!! :-)

Oh.... & Bang does the crane very well I might add....

The TRUTH has been spoken...

Crane stance vs. Horserider stance. Neither man moves, and darkness sets in.

Momita, dont call it a comeback. I've been here for years!!!

I believe that marking your territory, ala Chris "Spritz" Leben is the ultimate act of male dominance. What better way to mark your territory than with your own urine?

The Joker is correct.

TRJ as always, is correct

Watch BANG Ludwig vs. Genki Sudo and Shad Smith for examples

Assumes crane stance

You dont want any part of these bad boys Delta, so get off my thread.

Congrats Joker on your fight.BTW the Crane is the best shit eva!





how much money if I do the crane stance in my fight this saturday and have it taped and put online?

About as much money as I got for doing it in my fight.


Bang demonstrated a supreme act of male dominance, that's why he won.

Sorry...the ultimate act was Pele dry humping Macaco's head in Brazil a few years ago in their fight.