Every HD tester/dos/blah blah utility known to man

.iso file :)

this is nice

I'm gonna make sure to make a few copies to keep handy.

yes it's a GREAT tool to have. He can't put the latest version of McAfee virus deffinitions on there for legal reasons but when he updates it he always puts the second to last definitions which they allow for some reason. Also, I believe on the main website, they tell you how to update it yourself. It's a nifty CD that has helped me out before in the past. Seriously it's all about the Ultimate Boot CD, Knoppix, and a Windows CD

One I like even better is Hiren's Boot CD. It's got commercial apps on it, such as NTFS DOS Pro, Easy Recovery Pro, Partition Magic, tons of diagnostics, etc. I consider that disk a must-have.

oh shnap, thanks for the info, I'll look around for that. You got a link to it? Thanks

Anyone know where I can download Hiren's? I've done the google think and can't find a place with the file.

Here's Hiren's site:

aaaaaand a page with a torrent link:

Hey quinn

Thanx for the links, but the first one doesn't let you download the file (or at least I can't find the download) and I'm not really up on torrents.

Am I missing something on the first link?

No problem. For a user-friendly Bit Torrent client, install this:

It's the ABC Bit Torrent client. Once you have that installed, just click on any Torrent link, and it'll download for you.

Hiren can't distribute his CD himself because it's considered warez.