The Ultimate FIghter 7 ????

Everyone knows that TUF 6 is already set, and probably even underway.

I am just curious about how many people would be interested in TUF 7 being the introduction of the 145 weight class into the UFC with Jens Pulver and Uriah Faber as the coaches?

I, of course, have no sway with Dana and I have not heard anything about the UFC bringing in the 145 weight class, but I think it'd be great!

Amen (can I get an application?) :)

It sucks that they are doing 170lbs right now considering the 170lb is the most stacked division. I do think the 185lb pound division is lacking and could use some fresh names. If not, I am all for a 145lb division starting up in the UFC

i think they need to go back to doing 2 weights at once. With only 1 weight class they invite too many people and some of those guys have no business being there.


Midgets !!

Tuff 7 should be USA vs Canada, at any weight class.

TUF 7 should be international. All foreigners. I'm tired of tribal tats, homo-erotic pillow/food fights, and all-male drinking sessions. This ain't Sparta.

Isn't TUF 7 going to be the UK show?

Dana has repeatedly said that the 145 lb. division will not be introduced in the UFC. Zuffa intends to highlight the 135 lb. and 145 lb. weightclasses in the WEC.

i heard from some guys that didn't make TUF6 that this season is going to be USA v Canada

The problem with HW is that the talentpool is extremely shallow, which brings in "less than stellar" fighters and this usually leads to boring fights.

Do 155 again....

I wanna see some more heavyweights

but I love the idea of introducing the 145 class. Maybe they can do both at the same time

My vote is for 185lber starring Chad "Don't Play" Jay

I can hear the Hotstepper music starting

cheers to doing 155 again. so I can try out. i'll be done with school by then.

Tell that to Matt Hughes!

top for 185 & CJDP

all women. Would be more fun watching them in the house.


Open weight house. Do it in Japan. Awesome.