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Show Opening

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The Ultimate Fighter

Great video!!!!!

sweet. Chicks are gonna dig me cuz I know those guys :)

I absolutely can't wait!

Sweet, I'm gonna go home and set the Tivo to season pass. 

Wow!!! I can't believe that my sport is having a show on regular tv. I am so PUMPED for this.


Liked the video and looked forward to watching the show but I don't care for that music, which is the same music played at the beginning of all the UFC events.

This is great! I can't wait for the show!



Hey saucy great video. I'm trying to plan a stag in Vegas in April. Do you know what weekend the UFC will be held?


WOW, i am really retarded for not submitting a tape to do this show.

this is gonna fucking rock. i have never been excited this much about a damn tv show! lol

too bad i work thirds and will have to tape it without getting to see it "live"

get ready for the forum to be flooded with threads about every week's show.

I love that house!

this show will do very well.

The live season finale is April 9th in Las Vegas.

UFC 52 date is not confirmed yet.

Looking forward to it !!!


I can't wait to see it

I want that Pool Table :)

This is like the first time since Tough Enough 1 that I am looking forward to a Reality TV Show.