The Ultimate Warrior returning to pro wrestling!!!

Staggering news resounded in the NWE Arena during the Madrid show on April 19th. More than 15,000 fans had the chance to see the award presentation which celebrated the career of professional wrestling icon, The Ultimate Warrior; who was in attendance to accept his award. However, controversy erupted during the presentation when NWE Champion Orlando Jordan mocked a young fan of Warrior's at the event. Warrior was quick to come to the defense of this fan which led to a heated conflict between Warrior and Jordan.

On June 25th 2008 in Barcelona, after a 12 year absence from the ring, The Ultimate Warrior will officially make his wrestling comeback in a match against Jordan. The news was confirmed this morning by Warrior's agent, Bernie Gernay in a statement. "For over 10 years this is what the entire wrestling world has been waiting for, the return of the Warrior. We are excited to bring back the greatest character and energy to ever get into the ring. Ultimate Warrior is an incredible marketing machine and has kept a tremendous value to his name which is why the NWE has stepped up with a substantial deal that worked very well for both sides. There is no disputing that Warrior left a mark on professional wrestling that no other talent did and the reason why still today he is often imitated, but never duplicated."

Over the next few days the NWE will inform fans of the preparations for one of the biggest and most important wrestling events ever to be held in Europe. As the news progresses it is sure to be the headlines of wrestling news and forums throughout the internet and will most certainly have all in the wrestling industry and fans alike in great anticipation to see what the Warrior will deliver on June 25th, and perhaps beyond.

He must be broke...

He's done this about twenty times though. He is even more deranged on his site now. But...I hope he comes back and we talk about it extensively on here, infuriating some no doubt.

Weren't there several Ultimate Warriors. They just got someone knew every time the previous one flaked out or died?


There was only one.

EightBall - I was actually Warrior # 4




The20Ultimate20Warrior1.gif Ultimate Warrior image by Gobnik

that dude is completely nuts and i think its something biological...

now thats some nonsensical crap...

I hope pro "wrasslin" goes away after the feds start doing random steroid tests

Ultimate Warrior is the greatest wrestler they ever had. The stuff today is crap. Wrestling needs Ultimate Warrior more than they need air to breath!!

he's gotta be pushing 50 by now

The Warrior in his prime could beat Randy Couture. Clothesline, Guerrilla Press Slam, body splash.

The Ultimate Comeback!!!!!!!

The original Ultimate Warrior was so much better.

There was one.