The Underground Mt Rushmore

Passive Jay or gtfo


Hocky, you ungrateful cunts.


Kirik, Gannon, OMA, and Card?

KIRIK…Tapelord…EvilMaster…OMA …CARD …Pro ICE …

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Kirik, TapeLord, OMA, ______

4th choice is a toss up between: SeanMcorckle, Crowbar, EricApple, GoldenBoy

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He was the biggest faggot here and y’all UG’ers were lined up to jerk him off and blow him daily. I never understood the weird obsession with that guy. He was not funny or smart at all

Who the fuck is Passive Jay? Must be one of those OG fags.

KingKnightMare was an early early troll who was only around for a year or two if I remember right. I joined in I think 1999 and he was mostly before my time. His name survives but the memories of his actual contributions are Long gone and forgotten.

You’re obviously not a golfer.

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HKP wilds each it

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While you’re here, do you want to be immortalized in the scuba suit or like a polo shirt?



Yeah… you officially can fuck off to whatever detroit shithole you crawled out of. You shouldnt be allowed to post until you realize the greatness of the humble dishwasher.

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Ookla the Mok

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Soup does all the birthday posts for significant fighters and figures in the sport here on the UG.