The Unofficial, Bootleg, OG Shaving Thread

I’ve been a lazy boy for the last couple decades and I have just been using clippers on my face. I shaved with a razor from about 15 to 25. I recently decided to shave properly again. My favorite razor was always the Gillette Sensor Excel and nothing else I tried was close to as good. I dislike the razors with 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, or more, blades - and a lot of those razors connect to the handle in a way that I don’t like. It’s sort of a floppy thing that moves around a lot.

When the Sensor Excel was Gillette’s newest razor it came standard with a metal handle. Then they switched to a plastic replica of the metal one. Today’s version looks quite a lot different and it looks pretty good for a plastic handle, but nonetheless it’s plastic. I found the old metal one on eBay from a reputed seller and I bought it (new, in original packaging). Bought some new blades, shaving gel that gets foamy when you rub it between your hands, and some aftershave. All the stuff I used back in the day.

I never used a brush for applying the soap/foam/gel. Is there an advantage to it when compared to applying it with your fingers?

Gillette can kiss my ass i use a bic or grow a beard

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I just shaved for the first time in over 3 years. I used a cheap Bic disposable razor (after trimming my beard down with clippers), cheap shaving cream, and cut myself multiple times. But at the end of it, I looked 10+ years younger…massive difference. Any razor is fine imo.

I still will likely grow my beard back before long. Shaving constantly is a pain in the asshole. I’ll take looking old and trimming my beard once a week and shaving my neck line twice a week over constant shaving.

I’ve used those disposable razors once in a while in situations where I’m away on vacation and don’t have my clippers, and while they’re not bad, the Sensor Excel is less rough in my face.

I generally don’t shave because I’m lazy, and because some facial hair is manlier. Now, I’m thinking I’ll enjoy the ritual of shaving. It’s kind of nice.

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We can tell because you didn’t even know there was already a shaving thread.

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